Great Design Isn’t Necessarily Usable

great website design

great website design

Often, web designers are just that: designers. Most have some kind of arts degree mixed with a computer specialization, usually involving illustration and design. While their aesthetics may be a matter of taste, their talent and abilities are unquestionable.

But when it comes to creating a website, particularly for a home health startup or existing home care agency, you need more than just aesthetics. Your website must be intuitive and useful for your visitors. This is especially true when creating a complicated site, such as an e-commerce or intranet site with access to a multitude of applications.

Without taking usability into account, you may end up with a site that looks very pretty but makes it difficult for users to accomplish what they need to do—or what you want them to do.

Imagine visiting a hospital: these facilities are full of signs, often color-coded, directing patients and visitors where they need to go. Often when visiting a hospital you receive a map with the same color codes for each department. You might even visit the information or concierge desk to ask for specific directions.

Now take all of that away. The doctors and nurses know what to do because they work there, each in their respective specialty areas. But you’re going to visit your grandmother who had hip surgery. Do you need geriatrics? Orthopedics? Outpatient physical therapy? Where do you go?

Your website is like the hospital, and each of your company’s departments is akin to these hospital areas. Your employees know what to do and where to go, but visitors do not. They only know what they want to do, and they shouldn’t have to be familiar with the inner workings of your company to get what they need.

When creating your website, it is crucial to pay attention to usability. You will find that your conversions increase by the mere act of building your website properly the first time, so that your customers can easily get what they need.

At corecubed, we take usability seriously and address it right from the planning phase. If you are a home health startup that is ready to put your business online or an existing home care agency in need of new website design, we can help. Drop us a line and let us show you how we can help get your visitors to where they need to go.