Give Your Clients the Gift of Useful Senior Care Information

Senior Care Information

Senior Care Information

We’re closing in on the biggest gift giving holiday in the world, and while most often our thoughts turn to trinkets and gadgets that we can wrap in pretty paper, often the best gift for struggling family caregivers and seniors is the gift of useful information. If you’ve been following corecubed for any length of time, you know that we are staunch proponents of blogging as both a way to boost home care SEO and to establish your agency as a thought leader and a resource in your community.

Blogging gives home care agencies a platform to share their wealth of aging care knowledge, caregiver tips, and chronic disease management information with current and potential clients. This information can be a true gift to family caregivers who are looking for resources in the midst of their overwhelming journey. If you haven’t established a blog or a web resource of some kind, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Know Your Audience

Blogging is both a marketing and informative affair, and for a blog to be effective and reach the right people, you have to know who your audience is and what kinds of stories and information they need/want.

  • Ask your current clients what they want/need to know about. What news are they drawn to in regards to senior care? Where do they get their information?
  • Do a little digging. The Internet can help you find a wealth of information about the demographics and characteristics of your potential customers. Use Google Trends to spot keyword trends that can give you ideas of what things family caregivers are searching for.
  • Poll your referral sources. Find out what information would be most helpful to them when making decisions about senior care for their clients.

Keep Your Blog Up to Date

Having a blog is great, but not keeping it up to date can be detrimental. First, Google loves to see fresh content on your website, so updating your blog on a regular basis is a good boost for your SEO. Second, if your blog isn’t updated for weeks or months at a time, people tend to lose interest and stop turning to you for your valuable resources.

Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar can help you plan ideas for upcoming months so you’re never stuck for what to write and can keep the content flowing. Try planning for three months’ worth of content at a time so you’re flush with ideas and can stay on top of current trends.

Hire a Pro

Running a home care agency AND finding time to write regularly can be more than daunting. Hiring professional bloggers who have a solid knowledge of the home care industry, like those at corecubed, can give you the time you need to care for your clients while also giving them the gift of helpful information.

Want to learn more about our blog writing services or our MOST home care marketing program, which provides agencies with a library of professionally written and targeted content? Contact the corecubed team today!