Family Gatherings Lead to Spikes in Searches for Home Care

home care searches
home care searches

SEO and home care ads can help agencies take advantage of spikes in searches for home care.

We all know about the surge in home care searches that happens following the Christmas holidays. It’s often termed the “holiday reality check,” when families have gathered together, often for the first time all year, and realize that an elderly loved one is in need of help at home. It’s an interesting trend, and it’s a prime time for home care agencies to boost their marketing efforts in order to be found during those increased Google searches. Interestingly, though, it doesn’t just happen during the winter holidays.

Whenever families have the occasion to get together, a spike in searches for home care tends to occur. We often notice spikes in the spring, for example, due to families getting together for Easter and even visiting relatives during spring break. This chart from Google Trends shows just what we mean:

home Google trends

In the days leading up to Easter this year (March 27th) we see a big drop in home care searches. But look at what happens right after the holiday. This phenomenon is something that makes complete sense when you consider what is happening during these family gatherings; adult children who haven’t seen their aging parents much during the year are suddenly spending significant time with them and noticing changes, often drastic ones, in their parents’ mobility, memory, and overall health. It’s after these gatherings that they realize that their loved ones need help, and they are beginning to explore their options.

What Do These Trends Mean for Home Care Marketing?

While marketing is a year-round process, agencies need to especially consider these periodic surges as prime opportunities to step up their marketing game to get in front of new potential clients. How can you prepare your agency?

  • Make sure your website is employing a solid SEO strategy to ensure you’re showing up in online searches.
  • Include resources on your website that answer common questions people have about aging, home care, and specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
  • Write blogs addressing this specific issue. For example: Wondering If Mom Needs Home Care After a Recent Visit? or Warning Signs That a Loved One Needs Help at Home.
  • Make sure your referral sources are well stocked with your brochures and business cards.
  • Consider targeted home care ads that will show up for those actively searching for care.

Consult the Home Care SEO Experts!

The best way to be found in an online search is having a strategized and well-implemented SEO plan in place. The experts at corecubed are always up to date on SEO best practices, and we can analyze your website and develop the best plan to improve its rankings. Our team can also develop professional, targeted home care ads that will help get your agency noticed during a post-holiday rush and throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about our services!