Facebook Status Boost: The Results Are In


Facebook Status Boost: The Results Are In

Last week, we talked about a new way for company Facebook pages to boost their reach by promoting status posts. This week, we’re going to go over the results of our own post boosting experiment to see if it’s all actually worth it.

Promotion #1:
To review, the first status we chose to promote was about our Private Duty Business Manual. We went with the minimum, one-time $5 price that estimated our post would reach 2,600-4,800 people. The promotion ran from a Thursday evening (around 7pm Eastern) to Saturday morning. (Status promotions end when your chosen amount, in our case $5, has been used up in a “pay-per-click” fashion.)

The Results:
Our five bucks helped us reach 1,323 new users, get 11 link clicks, and gain 2 likes. Not bad for such a small amount of money and effort.

Promotion #2:
Next, we decided to up the ante a bit and spend a whopping $10 to see how much of a difference a little more money could make. This time, we promoted a status about an upcoming webinar from our Marketing Aging Care Services series. We promoted this one a little earlier in the week, boosting the post on a Monday at 11 a.m. Eastern. Our estimated reach, according to Facebook, was 3,400 – 6,200.

The Results:
For ten bucks, we were able to reach 2,387 people, our link was clicked 10 times, and we received 6 new likes!

So, for a grand total of $15, we reached over 3,500 people and picked up 8 new likes. And since we’ve run these promotions, our numbers have been growing and stats are showing Facebook to be one of our website’s top referral sources. Those are results you can take to the bank!

Have you tried Facebook’s status promotion feature? Tell us how it worked for you in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page!