Staying Alive! Sales & Marketing Tools to Keep your Homecare Agency’s Heartbeat Strong


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Date: 29-Oct-2018
Time: 12:30pm – 4:45pm EST
What: PHA Financial Management Conference + Sales/Marketing Pre-Conference

At their 2018 Financial Management Conference, PHA invites home care agencies to participate in a special pre-conference workshop focused on sales and marketing. “Staying Alive! Sales & Marketing Tools to Keep your Homecare Agency’s Heartbeat Strong,” led by national expert Shelle Womble of corecubed, will include modules on strategic planning, marketing to referral sources, proving your value to clients, and much more!

The workshop will include the following modules:

Strategic Planning for Homecare Sales Management
Dive into your agency’s sales and marketing strategy to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis, track your work with CRM, and effectively manage time and territory. Hone your sales strategies for outreach to senior, independent, and assisted living communities. Find new referral sources in churches, geriatric care managers, first responders, elder law attorneys, financial planners, even the court system!

Standing Out in the Healthcare Community as the Go-To Agency
Learn the best strategies, tactics, and operational practices for getting your private duty homecare agency on the healthcare continuum in your target market. Gain insights from real-life examples of agencies who used improved operations, quality data, and outcomes to build referrals and sales conversions.

How to Sell Value Over Price in Homecare
One question homecare agencies are asked all the time is: “How much do your services cost?” The price of homecare is the number one concern for most family caregivers. So, how do you sell your agency’s value – safety, independence, engagement, etc. – over price?

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