Healthcare 2030: Are You Ready?


how to sell home care presentation graphic
Date: 25-Oct-2018
Time: 2:30pm – 3:00pm CDT
What: Future of Home Care Tech Expo
Where: St. Paul, MN

An innovative and interactive look at the future of healthcare at home. Meeting the projected care needs in 2030 means ramping up for the demographic shifts, keeping up with caregiver demands, and using technology to its fullest. The business of care will change and evolve as an unprecedented strain is created on many systems. Are you ready?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the major trends and issues affecting the larger healthcare delivery system, and where there is an opportunity to make positive change now to assure healthcare at home in the future
  • Recognize the possibilities and positioning needed for making necessary changes to remain a part of the larger, up-market, healthcare delivery system
  • Learn the most important industry trends, and how to best interface locally for impact with those at the forefront of developing solutions for the future

Join Merrily Orsini this fall at the Minnesota Home Care Association’s Future of Home Care Tech Expo. Click the button below to learn more and register for this exciting conference.

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