Home Care Marketing Design vs Development: What’s the Difference?

design vs development

design vs development

Part one of a three part series.

There is quite a big difference between web design and web development. Understanding this difference is a matter of asking yourself one question:

Would you rather hang a picture of a television in your living room or have a real TV to look at?

Unless you’re a fan of spending money on useless or non-functional goods, you’d clearly rather look at an actual TV. This is the difference between design and development.

Design is the act of planning and creating artistically. Design prepares a preliminary sketch of the form and function of something. In the web world, design implies the “pretty parts” of a website—how a website looks and feels. Design can also orchestrate how users will proceed through a website and how web elements should appear while doing so.

Development, on the other hand, makes that design functional. A developer will work within the design framework of a website and actually create the functional elements, such as an online shopping cart, calendar or messaging system. The design of the website is used as the roadmap for the development and is therefore a vital first step.

So, let’s recap. Design makes a website look great and plans out all of the pieces. Development takes that plan and makes a functional end product that runs smoothly and efficiently. You really need both great design and well executed development to have a winning site. An attractively designed website that appeals to aesthetic sensibilities is great. A functional website that helps you sell your product is better.

Luckily, the home care marketing team at corecubed is made up of talented, experienced designers and developers, as well as content creators and social media marketers, so we have you covered for all your home care marketing needs. Let us show you how well we do both design and development.

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