Consistency in Design

Most business these days have quite a few marketing tools in their arsenal – a website or two, email campaigns, brochures, ads, postcards, signage… the list can go on and on. These tools are all reflective of your services and capabilities, as well as your image. For this reason, it is important that your collateral share an overall design theme that goes along with what you do and how you present your business to potential customers.

Why is it important that your website matches your brochures and your email newsletter? Well, it’s all a part of branding your business. There needs to be a strategy behind your design theme. You want customers to recognize your brand whether they are online or holding your postcard. You want to have a look that speaks for itself, and doesn’t confuse consumers from one marketing medium to another.

Also, keeping your designed tools consistent shows professionalism. If your business card looks completely different from your website that looks nothing like your billboard, it can seem as though you are either constantly changing designers, looking for a bargain on design services, or not too sure about your branding yourself! Whatever the reason, it sends the wrong message.

When building a website or having a brochure designed, you may want to look through all of your marketing items before hand. How long has it been since they were designed? Is your logo in need of a new look? Can everything be tied together into one overall theme? If not, you may want to consider rebranding a few things. Or maybe just freshening up your logo to work with a nice new website design. Remember, your first impression is very important, so why risk giving a bad one? Keep your designed items consistent, regardless of the way you use them. And consider all of your other collateral items when creating something new so that they compliment each other.

Of course, if you need help creating websites, brochures, ads, or just about anything you can click on or print, let us know! We’d love to help you update your current brand, design a new brand, or create a new item to add to your marketing toolbox.