Check Your Soil; Know Your Marketing Climate

Marketing Climate

Check Your Soil; Know Your Marketing Climate

This summer, plant new marketing seeds and ensure your business has a plan that will harvest success. Follow these tips and you’ll cultivate a strong business, sprout success and see profits grow.

It may be unglamorous, tedious work, but it’s essential to “check your soil” before planting a marketing plan. Unless you understand the growing conditions, you can never understand what strategies to put in place for the most success. This means you must learn everything about yourself, your business and the marketplace in which your business desires to be competitive. This research is essential to marketing. You can:

  • Do a SWOT analysis. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats, and about the competition and marketplace.
  • Examine all past marketing efforts. What has worked and what hasn’t? Do you know why? Now is the perfect time to learn from your history.

Pick The Flowers That Are Best For You!

Establish a marketing tool kit that includes the techniques and strategies that will foster business growth. At corecubed, we believe a strong strategy encompasses monthly communication with your target audience—and targeting your marketing will ensure your audience is listening.

A monthly marketing strategy, much like steady, strong perennials, will grow and remain in your garden year after year. A successful strategy will adapt to the current climate and survive “cold snaps” in the economy as much as it will thrive in a summer of success.

Mulch and Maintain Your Marketing.

Your marketing needs constant attention in order to grow and thrive. You cannot simply plant marketing seeds and expect them to grow without any effort. If your marketing is not maintained, it may become overgrown with weeds and destroy your ROI.

Plan your monthly outreach in advance. Make sure each point of contact with your target audience is branded and personalized. For example, with corecubed’s MOST marketing program for the home care and home health industries, monthly marketing touches are prepared with care and ahead of time. We make sure each touch works to achieve the overall marketing goal.

Every flower and plant work into the landscape of our marketing vision. Review your marketing strategy. Is it cohesive? Do all your plants and flowers work together? Or are weeds taking over and distracting from your success?

Sit Back and Enjoy the Flowers!

Interested in adding to your marketing garden? Contact corecubed to have our team of marketing experts craft a monthly marketing campaign just for your business. A full service marketing, website design and PR agency, corecubed specializes in creating monthly marketing campaigns for a wide variety of industries, including home care.