Branding In The Nude

Back in 1959, the small Florida company called Coppertone could not have fully realized how the image of a puppy tugging at the bathing suit of the little girl would launch them into the forefront of the national market and become a memorable part of their branding.

When it comes to marketing ideas for home care agencies, creating a memorable brand is consistently one of the top ones we push. How do you create a brand that is so memorable and instantly recognizable? It all starts by stripping down to the essence of your business and examining each layer:

  • What makes your organization unique? What do you have to offer that other companies don’t? What is it about your company that competitors cannot do as well? Whatever sets you apart, be sure to let others know.
  • What is your specific niche? When you really get down to the nitty gritty, where do your company’s strengths lie? Can that fulfill a niche need that others have overlooked or underestimated?
  • How are customers emotionally connected with who your company is and what you have to offer? Is it your company integrity? A unique aspect of your product or service?
  • What does your brand symbolize in the minds of your best customers? Think about the character of your business and what it is that is attractive about your product or service.

You see, branding isn’t just about a logo or an ad campaign (no matter how memorable); it’s an actual business strategy. It encompasses the principles and values which clothe your company and relays to the public what you stand for. So when you are developing your brand, be sure to begin by baring it all. Once you take a look at your company “as nature intended”, you’ll be on your way to creating an eye-catching and recognizable brand.

Looking for more marketing ideas for home care agencies? Having a skilled marketing partner who understands branding and the best ways to communicate your key messages is crucial. corecubed has experts who can help you create and implement a winning branding strategy. For more information on how corecubed can help assess your needs and build and implement a strategic plan to expand your business, contact us today.