Best Place to Learn about Mobile Marketing and Advertising

Mobile marketing and advertising have taken off faster than a speeding bullet, faster than a New York minute, faster than a bee-stung stallion, faster than cable TV advertising in the ‘80s or Internet advertising 10 years ago. I was not surprised when I read the last two statistics in an article posted on TechFlash earlier this week, because people are absolutely glued to their smartphones and tablet computer devices. And, small and medium-sized businesses are quickly recognizing the golden opportunity to communicate with their audience in a relevant way with text, click-to-call and banner mobile ads.

Text and click-to-call mobile ads are typically seen at the top of the screen on a mobile device and ask a question or promote a quick solution—for example, ordering a delicious pizza or signing up for a local service. These ads are designed so the consumer must call or text the company directly to respond to the advertisement. Mobile banner ads also tout promotions, but when consumers click these ads they are directed to a website rather than direct communication—examples include securing movie tickets, or how to get the latest, hottest app.

Social media, a wildly popular way to engage consumers, supports mobile marketing efforts with a means to showcase contest promotions, share helpful resources and offer hot deals. Mobile outreach offers an incentive to fans and followers to react to your messaging, creates a sense of exclusivity, and displays brand creativity. Last week I sat in on a webinar discussing successful Facebook campaigns, and what I took away is applicable to all mobile ad communications. Give your audience a reason to click, tell your consumers what you want them to do (it works!), and tap into their passions and interests.

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