Assess the Quality of Your Home Care Marketing Content with This Quick Checklist

home care marketing content

home care marketing content

Let me ask you something: Are you content with your content? In other words, of the nearly 200,000 words in the English language, how satisfied are you with the ones you’re using to represent your agency – on your website, in your brochure, on the phone with inquirers? Are they crafted together in a compelling way that causes referral sources and families to take pause and ultimately choose to delve deeper into what your agency can offer? Or is your message more of the same, humdrum fluff that so many of your competitors are utilizing, causing your agency to get lost in the crowd?

If your honest assessment of your content’s quality is more “just ok” than “WOW!” you may want to rethink the ramifications of ignoring the importance of high quality content that speaks volumes to your target audience.

In fact, one of the definitions of content is “the principal substance“. Your content is the principal substance of your agency. It’s what you say when you’re talking about your company. It’s what you write when you’re creating written messages about your company. It’s what you both say and write when you’re sharing information from your company that’s designed to help your customers.

Perhaps, like most in-home care providers, your most substantive content is a listing of the services you provide, and how good you are at providing them. But let’s face it: All home care agencies claim to provide high quality service. All home care agencies provide the same types of services that help seniors remain safely and comfortably at home. The question is, what makes YOUR agency different? Why should a family or referral source choose you over all of the others with similar cookie-cutter messages?

The key is in clearly and professionally communicating your agency’s differentiating factors. For example, consider:

  • Your story: Why did you go into the aging care business? What motivates you to continue?
  • Your advocacy: What are you doing on a community level, disease-specific level, national level, to serve as a voice to improve care for the elderly?
  • Your knowledge: What educational resources can you provide to help older adults and their families? What have you learned about helping older adults lead safer, more fulfilling lives?
  • Your reputation: Are you sharing data such as client and caregiver satisfaction scores, reviews, ratings, testimonials? How about awards your agency and/or staff have received that highlight your commitment to quality aging care?

If your content isn’t substantive, and your differentiation isn’t clear, consumers will move on. Conversely, agencies with a message unlike the others, that tells a compelling story, backed up with credentials, happy customers and staff, are the ones that will rise to the top and be remembered in the minds of those in need of care.

If you’re looking to boost your agency’s content from “so what?” to “sold!” contact the home care marketing experts at corecubed. With our industry-specific expertise, we can help your agency stand out in this overcrowded marketplace with memorable content, branding and more. Contact us at 800.370.6580 x1 to learn more!