Are You “In” with LinkedIn?

Are You “In” with LinkedIn?

Senior care marketing happens on LinkedIn too!

Most of you probably know LinkedIn as the social network for job seekers. In fact, many of you have probably recently used LinkedIn to get a leg up on a job search. What you may not realize is that senior care marketing can happen there as well! There are several ways to market your home care company on LinkedIn, and not just to job seekers.

While marketing on LinkedIn is arguably better for B2B businesses, B2C companies can also stand to benefit because the users who make up the bulk of the network are, in fact, consumers.

The first step to getting some company recognition is to set up a company page. Here you’ll have a description to fill out. Use it, in line with your website, to share with readers the value your company offers. There’s also a specialties section where you can use those old SEO keywords to promote your company’s strengths.

After that, you’ll be able to pick your industry and location. These two things will be big deals when LinkedIn users search, so make sure the industry you choose is the closest and most appropriate to your field. You can list up to five locations, so if your company is represented in multiple regions, list them. Keep in mind that all these seemingly little details will only help your overall SEO marketing!

If your company maintains a blog, be sure to link your blog’s RSS feed to your LinkedIn page. Doing this will allow your blog updates to show on your company’s LinkedIn page, giving it more reach.

Finally, your company should update its LinkedIn status regularly and include links back to your website and blog. This is your chance to make your page dynamic and interactive, as well as send traffic back to your website.

LinkedIn is not, in my opinion, one of the easier social networks to figure out, but it can allow your company to cast a wider net and add to your overall search engine optimization, which is never a bad thing. If you need some LinkedIn guidance, or other senior care marketing advice and solutions, don’t hesitate to call the experts at corecubed!