Write What You Know: Working with a Niche Marketing Agency

Write What You Know: Working with a Niche Marketing Agency

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If you’ve done any creative writing, you’ve no doubt heard the sound advice that you should write what you know. What this advice aims to teach is that stories sound more authentic when the writer has experience with or significant knowledge of the subject matter. However, “write what you know” extends beyond novels and short stories.

In marketing, “writing what you know” makes sense as well. Many marketing agencies serve a general clientele, and the main issue that arises when working with one of these agencies is there can be a steep and often frustrating learning curve that the agency must overcome. For example, suppose you hire a marketing agency that serves clients in a wide variety of industries to market your home care agency. Will that agency know how to treat sensitive subjects like Alzheimer’s disease? Do they know how seniors today act, or do they lean on common stereotypes of the past? Are they familiar with the latest trends in marketing to seniors?

In our decades of experience, we’ve heard many people within the aging care industry talk about what it is like to work with a marketing firm that serves a general versus niche clientele. Most said it was frustrating to work with these agencies because they simply did not understand their market or audience. Many people also feel that these firms don’t really know what kind of marketing works in home care and aging care; they just guess.

On the other hand, niche marketers, like corecubed, don’t have to guess. Niche marketing firms focus their talents on a “sweet spot,” an area in which they specialize and have a wealth of knowledge. Because of this specialization, niche marketers know their clients’ business, and more importantly, what works when marketing that business.

At corecubed, we write what we know, by focusing our marketing talents on companies within the aging care industry. Our President and CEO, Merrily Orsini, is a pioneer in the home care industry. In 1981, she created a geriatric care managed model for non-medical long term in-home care, and from there, started corecubed in 1996 to help home care agencies and others within the industry better market themselves and get remarkable results.

Our MOST marketing program builds on our aging care marketing experience by creating new, fresh, helpful and relevant home care marketing materials each month that are designed to specifically target those searching for home care, home health or hospice services. With in-depth information on aging, diseases and issues relating to home care, the MOST program contains top-tier marketing, sales, design, caregiver recruitment and retention tools that are unique to home care, home health and hospice agencies.

If you’re looking for a marketing firm that understands the aging care industry inside and out and knows how to create marketing strategies that get results for your agency, contact the corecubed team. Marketing home care is our sweet spot!