What’s New from WordPress & LinkedIn


What’s New from WordPress & LinkedIn

With spring comes change. Snow melts, flowers bloom, and the world of the web and social media is flooded with updates. For our WordPress clients, that means WordPress 3.9, reportedly set to release on April 16th. Currently, the update is on its 3rd beta test and it looks like there will be a variety of new image-related features, because, as we all know, images are everything in today’s online marketing world! The update will include new features, like:

  • Drag & drop functionality for images. With 3.9, you should be able to drag and drop images into the visual editor section while writing a post; WordPress will then automatically upload that media to your site.
  • Improved image editing options. 3.9 will allow you to edit images directly in the visual editor while working on posts: a great time saver, as you won’t need to leave the page and open up the image editing controls.
  • Live preview of photo galleries. Before, when a photo gallery was added to a page, all that was viewable was a placeholder box indicating where the photo gallery would be. With WordPress 3.9, you’ll see a live preview of photo galleries while editing your post, so you can see how they will actually look on your site when published.

These are just some of the exciting changes that are on the way very soon with WordPress 3.9. As always, it is HIGHLY recommended that WordPress users update their software to the latest version whenever updates are released in order to keep their sites secure and functional. To assure a smooth upgrade, let us help you! Contact corecubed today to keep your website up to date, secure, and looking fabulous!

LinkedIn Does Away with Products & Services Pages

If you have a company LinkedIn page, you might have noticed a recent notification about the Products & Services tab of your page being discontinued this month. For several years now, Products & Services has been a feature of LinkedIn company pages where businesses can showcase specific products they sell and services that they offer.

While this feature was initially interesting, it didn’t offer much reach beyond the company page itself. While LinkedIn is giving Products & Services the ax, there are still ways to showcase your company’s products and services within LinkedIn. The first is by making updates on your company page itself. Much like the Facebook status update, a LinkedIn update can be about anything you want and can include links and images. It’s a fine place to spread the word about everything from a new product to a blog post to an interesting article.

The second way to showcase products and services is on LinkedIn Showcase pages. This feature allows users to share specific content with a more targeted audience. Per LinkedIn, as with a company page, you can share company updates and sponsored updates with LinkedIn members who can now follow the aspects of your business they’re interested in. These pages are much more visual as well, allowing you to create a banner image to coincide with each page’s topic.

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