The Home Care Trend

Home Care Google Trend

The Home Care Trend

Most people don’t put the words “home care” and “trendy” together very often. However, when it comes to online searches, there are some definite home care trends that agencies may find interesting (and useful). As marketers, we’re constantly analyzing data to help us write better content and create more efficient marketing strategies that get results for our clients. A very helpful tool we use to help us recognize keyword search trends over a period of time is Google Trends. With Google Trends, you simply type in a keyword or keyword phrase to see how often people have searched for it over time. You can also compare similar words and phrases to discover which term is more popular.

For example, below is a comparison of the words “home care” (with a space) and “homecare” (without a space). These two terms are often used interchangeably, but as you’ll notice, “home care” is searched for far more often than “homecare,” a good piece of information to know when creating SEO-friendly content for a home care website or blog.

But there’s another great use for Google Trends. This next image shows us just the search trends for “home care” from 2004 to the present. While overall, Google searches for home care have been steadily rising since 2004, we can see a clear annual trend occurring in this data. Every December, Google searches for home care take a sharp dive and then rebound just as sharply in January.

What causes this trend? Likely a number of factors – families are too busy to search for home care during the holiday season, people don’t realize their loved one needs care until they’ve visited for the holidays and noticed the warning signs, etc. Whatever the case, home care agencies can use this data to help them prepare for that January rebound.

Knowing that there’s a sharp increase of people searching for home care on the horizon, agencies can prepare a strategic marketing push to ensure that they are not only turning up in searches, but that their website looks professional and their content presents them as an industry expert. corecubed‘s award-winning MOST home care marketing program has been helping agencies drive more traffic to their websites and stand out from the crowd with its strategic, targeted marketing materials.

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