The Google+ Revolution: Why Your Business Should Pay Attention

Google Plus

The Google+ Revolution: Why Your Business Should Pay Attention

When Google+ first appeared on to the social networking scene last year, it was touted to be the next big thing in social media: Google’s great answer to Facebook. However, it was quickly apparent that, while Google+ had some intriguing new features, the masses weren’t ready to give up their Facebook addictions to make the switch. And so, Google+ was largely ignored, and many expected it to eventually fade away.

But fade away it has not! In fact, Google is taking strides to ensure that using their social media site isn’t only recommended, it’s vital, particularly for businesses. Earlier this year Google began phasing out their business listing service, Google Places. Now if you want your business listed with Google, guess where you need to be? That’s right, Google+. Google+ Local is the new Google Places, and it requires setting up a Google+ account for your business.

Don’t have a Google+ account yet? Did you know:

  • Businesses with Google+ accounts are now prominently displayed on local results pages?
  • In some cases, having a Google+ account can even affect your Google AdWords?
  • Information shared through Google+ shows up higher on a search than other content?
  • Your website gets an added search engine boost each time your Google+ information is +1d?

Additionally, Google likes to see that your website is socially active, and a socially active website helps increase your search engine rankings; which means that having your site pointing to your business’s Google+ profile looks good in Google’s eyes. Adding a Google+ icon to your site and linking to your G+ profile is a must.

Not sure where to start your Google+ journey? Need to migrate your Google Places information over to  Google+? The corecubed social media team can help. We’d love to talk to you about how to get started. Drop us a line, and let’s get social!