Tech Tip: Make Sure You’re Secure

We like to share our knowledge and helpful tips with our friends and clients from time to time, so make sure to check in with our blog often for the latest news! Here’s a handy, and timely, tech tip from our Web Developer and tech guru, Will Chatham.

If you use Apple’s iTunes, whether on a Mac or a Windows PC, make sure you update to the latest version which came out yesterday, March 3rd. The update plugs 57 security vulnerabilities, some of which are so severe that a hacker could take complete control of your computer.

In general, it’s a good idea to let your computer check for updates at least once a week, and apply those updates when they are found. Here are some tips on automating the computer update process:

For Microsoft Windows (all versions)

For Mac OSX (all versions)

This has been your tech tip of the day, courtesy of the corecubed team! Have a great weekend everyone!