Social Seniors: The New Social Media Generation

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Social Seniors: The New Social Media Generation

The Internet is often thought to be a young person’s world; however, as technology becomes more and more user-friendly, it’s becoming a much more all-inclusive realm. In fact, if someone were to ask you, “What’s the fastest growing age group on social media?” what would you say? Millennials? Gen Xers? How about senior citizens? According to a recent report on National Public Radio, “Seniors aged 65 and over represent one of the fastest growing age groups to use social media.” The report quotes head of Stanford Center on Longevity, Dr. Laura Carstensen, who claims that those who are reaching retirement age are coming to it with a greater knowledge of technology and social media than their predecessors. Read the full transcript of the NPR report here.

According to Carstensen, “This group of the elderly is changing all the time. And a lot of the people who are arriving at old age are now coming to old age with a lot of technological sophistication.” What does this influx of older adults on social media mean for the home care industry? It may mean that if your agency or aging care business is not active on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you might be missing a chance to engage with your target market and reach them before they need your services, so that you’re top of mind when they do.

Already active on social media? corecubed’s Home Care Agency Marketplace has tools to help your agency organize posts with our Social Media Planning Guide. The aging care marketing experts at corecubed have revealed their secrets to home care social media success in the Social Media Planning Guide. This product also contains guided spreadsheets for planning and measuring success for monthly blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Also, make sure your agency has a comprehensive social media policy to ensure you’re meeting HIPAA regulations and client confidentiality guidelines. Our social media policy template addresses both direct care staff and administrative staff, both agency-owned social media and personal social media, as well as items to be included in employment contracts and covered during training.

No matter where your agency is in the social media realm – just starting out or looking to increase activity – corecubed can help make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to network with your target market on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. corecubed’s social media marketing experts can help set your agency up for success, creating pages for your agency and writing engaging and SEO-friendly content for all your social media sites. Contact us to learn more about our social media services or more home care marketing ideas.