Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

With the passing of Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, corecubed remembers a man who has helped to make our job—Internet marketing—an exciting adventure. Rest in peace.

Our graphic designers cut, crop and color with Macs, our directors are connected with iPads, and it seems we’re all checking our iPhones for all kinds of updates. I’m hearing the chords of ‘strum’ right now, actually. This week, these devices have served as reminders of the innovation and ease that Jobs has introduced to our everyday routine—especially as we “work in the cloud”.

And, while we keep up with the latest mobile technology to improve our business practices and to offer the latest marketing strategy for our clients, we have even more to learn from this great CEO and leader – how to be even better communicators. The Internet is now flooded with speeches, interviews and quotes that Jobs has made over the years, and now everyone is listening. Reading these words has encouraged millions to aspire to bigger and better things, and we’re in the same boat.

We’re confident that Apple’s vision will continue and will bring many more inventions that, after using, we just can’t seem to remember how we functioned before their existence. But the world will never forget the visionary that pioneered the way. We join the tech industry by saying a big “thank you” to Steve Jobs.

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