Plays Well with Others: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Plays Well with Others: Social Media Marketing

When it comes to home care advertising, social media is a key place for agencies to make their mark.

If there’s one thing about social media marketing, it’s that, well, there’s no ONE way to use it. The versatility of social networking sites has made it the one form of marketing that plays well with, and can be integrated into, all others. What I mean by this is that social media marketing isn’t just done on  your Facebook page or Twitter feed or Google+ account; in fact, it doesn’t truly shine until integrated with your other marketing avenues.

Share, Tweet, Like, +1, and Pin

The best thing about social media is that it encourages sharing. In fact, scroll to the bottom of this blog post. Notice those nice “Like,” “Tweet,” “Pin it,” and “Share” buttons? These little additions make it easy for readers to share a post that they like on any and all their social networking sites. (Go ahead and click the “Like” button. See what happens!) You can add these buttons to your website, blog, and even e-newsletters to increase the sharability of your content.

Put It in Print

Home care advertising and social media marketing don’t have to just be online. Just because your social networks are all online, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be part of your print marketing as well. Promote your Facebook address, Twitter username, LinkedIn page, etc. on business cards, flyers, invoices, brochures, postcards, and any other print materials you create.
Social media plays so well with your other marketing efforts that there’s no reason not to integrate it into everything from your website to your email signature. Need help getting your marketing channels to play well together? Contact corecubed today!