Carolina Hearts Home Care Rack Card

Award Winning Rack Card for Carolina Hearts Home Care

Family is at the heart of everything Carolina Hearts Home Care does. They wanted a rack card to accentuate their family focus while clearly sharing their services and differentiators. We created a bold marketing piece that stands out, earning a 2023 Silver Aster Award and a 2023 Bronze National Mature Media Award.

Abrio Living’s New Website

2023 Award-Winning Abrio Living Website

Abrio Living of Arizona, a sister company to Abrio Home Care, serves adults with disabilities in family-style group homes. Abrio Living engaged with corecubed to create alignment between the two brands’ brand language, visual identity, and digital presence, and earned a 2023 Gold Aster Award and a 2023 Bronze National Mature Media Award. Abrio Living also engages with corecubed for … Read More

Continuum Inquiry Email Follow-Up Campaign

Continuum Inquiry Email Follow-Up Campaign

Continuum was looking for a way to automate some of the process for following up with inquiries and nurturing these relationships. To do this, corecubed wrote and designed a nurture campaign — a series of three emails which are triggered to begin after an inquirer fills out a contact form on the Continuum website or a Continuum sales team member … Read More

Endeavor In-Home Care Facebook Recruitment Ad

Endeavor In-Home Care recruitment ad

Endeavor In-Home Care was delighted with the eye-catching social media ads we created to add to their recruitment toolbox. One caregiver recruitment ad in particular won a much-coveted Gold Aster Award in 2021!

Dakota Home Care | Social Media

Dakota Home Care's Social Media

Dakota Home Care’s new logo, corporate ID, website, brochures, and social media banners, ads, and posts clearly convey to their targeted audience that they are the industry experts to turn to.

Dakota Home Care | Website

Dakota Home Care's Website

Dakota Home Care’s new logo, corporate ID, website, brochures, and social media banners, ads, and posts clearly convey to their targeted audience that they are the industry experts to turn to.

HomeCare By Design | Facebook Ads

Homecare by Design

HomeCare By Design joined our MOST membership program for ongoing, customized marketing materials. We’ve also created a series of Facebook ads recruitment ads to ensure they’re well equipped to cover all of the new clients coming their way!

Endeavor In-Home Care’s Flyer and Newsletter

Endeavor In-Home Care

Endeavor In-Home Care wanted to spread a little positivity with their audience, so we created a monthly “feel good” newsletter, along with a sales flyer. As a MOST member, they’re also receiving SEO services to further boost their visibility and reach.

No Place Like Home Senior Care

No Place Like Home Senior Care

No Place Like Home Senior Care requested our help with setting up their social media platforms, and then creating both a rack card and recruitment ad to reach potential clients and caregivers alike.

Nightingale Homecare Facebook Ads

Nightgale Home Care

Recruitment is a top priority for Nightingale Homecare. We developed a series of compelling Facebook recruitment ads to attract more high quality caregivers to join their team.

Infographic for CareWorks Health Services

CareWorks Health Services - Award Winning Infographic

To help educate CareWorks Health Services’ target audience on the red flags that could indicate a need for care, corecubed created this eye-catching and informative infographic, which has also received two coveted industry awards: a silver National Mature Media Award, and a gold Aster Award.

Home Sweet Home In-Home Care’s New Website

Home Sweet Home In-Home Care's Award-Winning Website

In 2015, Home Sweet Home In-Home Care sought out the aging care marketing experts at corecubed to create their website. To keep up with the changing times and technological advances, we created another new website for them in 2020, and continued providing SEO, PPC, blogging, social media and website maintenance services—all surefire ways to get their agency noticed by those seeking a … Read More

Website for Stay Home Care

Stay Home Care website

With their updated branding in place, Stay Home Care continued to engage corecubed for a variety of services to maximize their reach, including a new website and ongoing search engine optimization, blogging and website maintenance.

Stay Home Care Brochure, Branding and Blogging

Stay Home Care, brochure, branding, blogging

Locally- and women-owned home care agency, Stay Home Care, meets a broad range of care needs for people of all ages: newborns through older adults. corecubed was pleased to update their branding and brochure to better reflect their expertise and strengths.

New Website and Blogs for Harmony Home Health & Hospice

home care blog content

A new website isn’t just about giving your brand a new look online, it’s also a great way to develop better content and improve your SEO. Harmony Home Health & Hospice partnered with the corecubed team to create a sparkling new website that includes new blog content to serve as an exceptional resource for their clients.         

Aster Award-Winning Brochure for Well-Being Home Care

how to sell home health care services with a brochure

When we think about marketing today, most of us think strictly about online marketing — websites, blogs, social media, etc. But, a professionally designed brochure with excellent content and eye-catching images is an important tool in any home care agency’s marketing arsenal. When Well-Being Home Care needed to update their agency brochure, they tasked corecubed‘s marketing and design team to create … Read More

Nurturing Meaning & Purpose Rack Card for Caregivers by WholeCare

Marketing Home Care

The corecubed MOST home care marketing and design team developed a beautiful rack card to help Caregivers by WholeCare reach their potential clients about the importance of nurturing meaning and purpose in the lives of seniors. As an added bonus, their rack card won a 2018 Silver Aster Award for Excellence in Healthcare Marketing.

Aster Award-Winning CareWorks Health Services Rack Card

Home care referral marketing

Marketing to home care referral sources and potential clients is easier when you have professionally designed and written home care marketing materials. Our client, CareWorks Health Services, needed a rack card that could be placed in doctors’ offices or handed out at conferences and events that offered potential clients the information they needed to care for a loved one with … Read More

Award-Winning Newsletter for THE MEDICAL TEAM

Home Care Newsletter

An e-newsletter is a vital piece of home care marketing, and we feel so lucky to have helped THE MEDICAL TEAM achieve a 2018 Gold Aster Award for their agency e-newsletter. Engaging content and brilliant design make this newsletter a true #1. To learn more about THE MEDICAL TEAM, visit their website here.

Serenity Care Services’ New Home Care Marketing Materials

serenity care services

In combination with online marketing efforts, a home care agency’s print marketing material speaks volumes about its brand. Professionally designed and written brochures tell potential clients that your home care agency cares about quality, and when Serenity Care Services approached our home care marketing team to help them develop new marketing materials, our goal was to help them do just … Read More

Website Redesign for North River Home Care

north river home care

An updated website can give a fresh new look to your online marketing and improve your home care SEO efforts and give your business greater authority online. The corecubed team developed a brand platform for North River Home Care, created a website outline, wrote their web content, and managed the web design and development process every step of the way … Read More

Results-Driven New Website for Continuum

Websites, like computers and cell phones, need a good update every now and then to make sure they look modern and function like other modern sites. When long-time corecubed client Continuum of St. Louis needed to revamp their website, they looked to our home care marketing team for help. Our home care content marketers and designers rewrote the web text, … Read More

Beautiful Brochure and Content for Loving Touch


Professional brochures are an important part of helping home care agencies market new services to referral sources and new clients. When Loving Touch needed a brochure for their new senior check-in service, corecubed‘s design and content marketing teams developed an eye-catching marketing piece that highlights the agency’s mission to help seniors and their families obtain better peace of mind.