Market Value: Reduce Readmissions, Lower Costs

Reduce Readmissions
Market Value: Reduce Readmissions, Lower Costs

Take a tip from the home care digital marketing experts at corecubed and learn how to better market your agency’s ability to reduce readmissions to hospitals in your area.

Health care reform has produced many changes in the entire industry, particularly for hospitals. With hospitals being penalized for readmissions within the first 30 days of discharge, home care agencies have the opportunity to position themselves as partners in helping hospitals reduce patient readmissions and lowering overall client care costs.

The Hard Sell

Hospitals need practical solutions that will reduce their 30-day readmission rates, and many are already realizing the benefits of working with home health agencies to reduce readmissions and lower care costs. Home care agencies are an ideal partner for hospitals in need, as they can provide the following services, proven to improve health, communication, and client satisfaction:

  • Provide in-home assistance that eases the transition from hospital to home
  • Ensure that patients understand their medications and take them on time
  • Provide transportation to and from follow-up appointments
  • Communicate with doctors, family members, and pharmacists to ensure consistency and understanding across the entire care team
  • Install and help clients utilize assistive technology, such as telehealth and telemonitoring devices

With care and better communication at home, patients not only heal, but thrive following discharge from a hospital. So how do you market these services to hospitals in your area?

  • Go Straight to the Source. Meet with the hospital administration of your local hospitals to discuss their strategies on reducing readmissions, and discuss how your agency can help in these efforts.
  • Contact Emergency Rooms. Many potential readmission patients arrive at the hospital via the ER. Market to case managers who are responsible for ER patients and help them understand how your services can help prevent their patients from becoming victims of the revolving readmissions door.

We’ve been talking a lot about home care digital marketing and partnerships in our latest webinar series, and with the reduced readmissions rates that all hospitals are looking to achieve, now is a great time for agencies to partner with hospitals in their local area to help clients transition smoothly from hospital to home and stay healthy. How is your agency marketing your ability to reduce readmissions to area hospitals? Let us know in the comments below! And contact us for more home care digital marketing expertise.