It’s Not Just You. Your WordPress Website DID Recently Change!

home care marketing tools

home care marketing tools

If you’ve noticed something a little “off” with your WordPress website lately, the good news is it’s not a hack or virus and you’re not the only one. On December 6, 2018, WordPress Version 5.0 was released to the public. While the 5.0 release was initially supposed to come after the holidays in order to give companies a chance to hire developers to help them with the transition, upgrades and troubleshooting, WordPress gave the go-ahead and pushed the release out early.

The big changes you’ll see with this update are with the “Gutenberg” page editor. Version 5.0 updates the old page editor and now allows WordPress clients to do complex block layouts on their pages and posts. This means that when you log in to your WordPress site to post a new blog or edit an existing page, things are going to look quite a bit different and perhaps a bit confusing! But not to worry, there is an option to still have WordPress 5.0 but revert back to the old page editor, if you prefer, corecubed’s home care website experts can help you install that plugin if you need it; just give us a call.

Our web maintenance guru, John O’Leary, has already updated and tested the sites of our eligible maintenance clients to make sure there are no bugs. With frequent WordPress updates in the offing, not to mention the need to keep third party plugins up to date and functioning properly, it’s more important than ever to ensure your site has regular maintenance updates to prevent viruses, hacks, and malware. It’s often helpful to think of your website like your own smartphone, which constantly needs updates to stay current with the latest operating system. Much like your phone, your website doesn’t just update itself; it requires someone to make the updates. Regular website maintenance is one of the most important home care marketing tools we offer, and in times like this, our website maintenances clients can rest easy as these updates are handled promptly and monitored carefully for any issues. We not only update websites to the most current version of WordPress, we also install updates to all plugins on your site to make certain your website and its data are safe.

When a plugin is updated, it means the developer has fixed something about the plugin to make it safer and work better. When you don’t install the update to the plugin, hackers are aware of what was fixed and can then use the compromise as a way to breech your site, so keeping plugins up-to-date is of the utmost importance!

If you are not a corecubed web maintenance client and you’ve noticed issues with the new WordPress version on your website or if you would like to explore our web maintenance services or any of our other home care website marketing tools, we can help! Make sure your agency is found by those searching for home care on the web. Contact us today to learn more.