Is Your Social Media Haunted?

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Is Your Social Media Haunted?

It’s Halloween, the season for all things creepy. And you know what’s really creepy? Abandoned things. That old Victorian house on the corner with the weeds growing in yard. That abandoned storefront downtown with the old sale papers in the dirty windows. These places, while perhaps once thriving homes or places of business, now feel haunted and make passersby walk a little more quickly. If you’re not updating your blog and social media accounts, you may be giving off that haunted vibe as well.

Stumbling across a company page on Facebook whose last update was over a month ago or, even worse, a year ago, or finding that the first blog post on a page is from Christmas when summer is in full swing screams of haunted. People who land on one of your social media accounts, only to be faced with an out of date page, are receiving the wrong message. Blogs and social media accounts that are not kept up can throw people off and can give off the illusion that the business is no longer operational, just like overgrown grass in front of a store.

Scary, right? Blogs and social media accounts are extremely beneficial, not just as tools to inform and have a conversation with potential clients, but also as search engine optimization (SEO) boosters. Google loves to see websites with regularly updated content, which you can get with a consistently maintained blog. They also like to see websites that are active on social media (particularly their very own brand of social media, Google+). A lack of activity on these accounts, however, tends to scare Google off and doesn’t get your company nearly as much bang for your SEO buck.

So don’t let the cobwebs grow over one of your biggest marketing tools and risk scaring off potential clients. The social media team at corecubed can help keep your profiles and blogs up to date with fresh, relevant, SEO-friendly content that will draw readers in and keep them coming back for more. (Think of us as the house in the neighborhood that gives out the best candy.) Contact us to find out more!