Is Your Business Going (Google) Places?

High search engine rankings are paramount for small businesses. With an increasing percentage of Internet searches focusing on local establishments, creating a localized online listing can give your business a leg up on the competition. A Google Places profile allows you to drive targeted traffic from the top-ranked search engine to your website as well as your physical business location. Be sure to optimize your Google Places listing for prime visibility.

Ranking Factors and Tips

There’s no one thing that will rank your business higher than your competition on Google Places; the truth is there are a many factors involved in the ranking process. But, knowing a few helpful tips will help you create the most competitive listing possible.

  1. Create a 100% complete business profile. Providing as much information as your can on your profile will not only give it a professional look, but allows Google enough information to display your listing in the right searches. Include the basics like website, email & physical addresses, phone number, hours of operation and a description, but don’t forget to list categories, payment options, business-related photos and/or videos, and additional details.
  2. Claim your listing. When filling out your business profile, make sure to click the Verify Ownership link on your Google Places dashboard. This helps you stay in control of your own listing and prevents outside entities from creating a false listing for your business.
  3. Display coupons or special offers. It’s no secret that people love deals! Google Places includes a section in your business’s listing to include coupons and information about special deals. Make sure to update these offers regularly to keep people coming back for more!
  4. Get reviewed. Good reviews help drive your account up in search engine rankings and give potential customers a better idea of the quality of service your business offers. Even poor reviews can be turned around by addressing the situation kindly and offering a discount of services rendered or further assistance. Gently request that satisfied clients add a review to your Google Places page and be sure to address any negative reviews ASAP.
  5. Adhere to the guidelines. Google is the #1 search engine for a reason. It filters spam and has a strict set of guidelines to ensure that all listings are relevant to create a better search experience for its users. That said, it is important to adhere to the rules to ensure that your listing will be approved.

At corecubed, we understand the benefits of search engine rankings and our internet marketing professionals can help get your business up to speed with Google Places. Contact us and let us know how we can help your business go Places!