I Don’t Have Time for Social Media

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Everybody’s doing it…right? Social media is an incredible blessing for businesses, but it’s also my nemesis. I log on to Facebook just to check out the new exhibit photos from my favorite glass art gallery and suddenly I’m sucked into the minutiae of people’s lives. I can’t seem to get enough of reading about Lady Jane’s peanut butter sandwich at lunch or viewing Mr. Mister’s new photos of his kids. It’s like reality TV on steroids….as addictive as Chicago cheddar cheese and caramel popcorn.

But there is nothing that can turn me off more than a company that has a Facebook page, but never posts anything, or a Twitter account, but never tweets, or a blog, but rarely blogs. It’s like buying a Ferrari but never driving it. OK, well maybe not a Ferrari, but you get my point. If you are going to enter the social media arena, you must do so in earnest. How do you find time to post to every account? It’s easier than you might think.

The trick lies in re-using your content in different ways and connecting your social media accounts. For example, if you’ve recently written a blog, post a Facebook entry with a short blurb about your blog and a link back to that particular blog. Have a company event coming up? Tweet about it! You can also tie your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that anytime you Tweet, it also posts onto your Facebook account. (Learn how here.) This will help to keep your social media accounts …well…”social”, with a minimum of time and effort.

Can’t come up with topics to blog about or post? Have you read an article recently that somehow related to your business that really burns you up or that you adamantly agree with? Write up your response and post it! Got a great idea for a new way of doing something that could help others out? Type it up! Do you have expert knowledge on how to do something? Everyone loves a good “how to” posting on social media. People also like lists. Just take a glance at the magazines while you’re waiting in the grocery line and you’ll see all sorts of lists touted on the covers. “Top 5 Ways To Get Your Man”, “10 Moves That Will Slim Your Hips”, “3 Tech Gadgets You Can’t Live Without”. Certainly, your lists don’t need to be quite so sensational, but something like “5 Activities Appropriate for Alzheimer’s Patients” if you are a home healthcare provider would be a great start.

Looking for an easier way to monitor all of your social media accounts? Try a service like TweetDeck. TweetDeck allows you to easily and quickly see what people are saying about your business and join the conversation directly from TweetDeck. You can also connect to your Facebook account through TweetDeck.

Need more ideas for post topics? Check out my colleague Leigh-Ann’s post here.

Still can’t find time or don’t possess a talent for the vernacular? You can take the REALLY easy way out and let corecubed write and coordinate your social media posts for you. Not only are we experts in marketing for home health care and social media, but SEO, content creators extraordinaire. Find out more about us and what we do.