How to Find Content for Your Social Media Accounts

As a writer, I’m often confronted with the age old predicament, writer’s block. I’ve learned a number of ways to help overcome this frustrating affliction, none of which are particularly easy or instantaneous. When I’m working on personal projects, I can often afford the time it takes to come up with new content, but when it comes to my work obligations with social media, I need to maintain a constant stream of fresh, relevant content for our readers. This can prove difficult because there are some weeks when there’s just nothing to say. But, when you want to find some content for your Facebook and Twitter posts, there are several search options available.

Google It! Nearly everyone looking for information these days knows that they can turn to Google to find it. A simple Google News search can turn up stories that can be used for social media fodder. Don’t have time to search Google every day? Set up a Google Alert to have these items sent to your gmail account daily. Subscribing to blogs on Google Reader is another great way to get information sent to your account.

Twitter Lists. Your Twitter account allows you to create lists for your favorite followers to keep track of great info for retweets. Also, you can enter a search term such as “social media” to receive tweets from anyone on Twitter who posts about social media.

SlideShare. SlideShare is a great place for people and businesses to share presentations, documents, and professional videos. A search on SlideShare can turn up loads of interesting information accompanied by unique graphics and research that is perfect for sharing on your social media accounts.

Maintaining several social media accounts with regular, relevant information is an important part of an Internet marketing plan. The information you need is out there in one form or another; sometimes it just takes a little searching. If you need help with your social media campaigns, let us know how we can help!