Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

Recently, we blogged about Facebook’s new Timeline layout that hit personal Facebook pages back in January. In that blog, we indicated that, in all likelihood, Timeline would eventually roll out for business pages as well. That time is coming! As of March 30th, all business pages on Facebook will be sporting the wildly different (and somewhat controversial) Timeline layout.

If you’re active on Facebook, you’ve likely already seen what Timeline looks like on some of your friends’ personal profiles, and the look will be quite similar on the new business pages. During my research into how the new layout will change how we promote businesses today, I noticed many unhappy campers, and I understand some of their grief. The main downside is viewers will no longer be directed to custom welcome tabs, which many pages have used to advertise deals, redirecting fans back to websites, signing up new users to email lists, etc. These pages will still be viewable under the new layout, but they can no longer be your default page.

That said, there’s a lot to be excited about! With Timeline, pages will be much more visual, allowing your logo and branding to be more prominent. Important updates that feature images or videos in your feed will be larger, and important stories can be made larger still with the new “star” function. All these new functions will help drive engagement.

To read about all the changes that Timeline will bring to your business’s page, visit Facebook’s Pages site, and check out their Pages Overview Guide.

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