Sprinkle Some Pixel Dust on Your Facebook Marketing

Sprinkle Some Pixel Dust on Your Facebook Marketing

Sprinkle Some Pixel Dust on Your Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing offers home care agencies numerous benefits. Businesses can reach online users in new and innovative ways, and they have the ability to test ads, track data, and refine their marketing efforts for better results and for a lower cost than running Google ads. However, when agencies advertise on Facebook, there is one tool that is often overlooked – the pixel.

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. This code gathers data that can help you better understand the actions customers take when they interact with your Facebook ads.

How Does the Facebook Pixel Work?

The goal of Facebook ads is usually to drive potential clients to your website or a landing page. When someone visits your website and takes an action, like filling out your contact form, the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you’ll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to reach this customer again by using a custom audience.

You can use the Facebook pixel to:

  • Ensure your ads get in front of the right people. The pixel can help your agency find new customers or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.
  • Drive sales. Using the pixel, you can set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take meaningful action, like making a purchase.
  • Measure ad results. The Facebook pixel helps you get a better understanding of the impact of your ads by measuring what happens when people see them.

In addition, as your ads drive more and more conversions on your website, Facebook learns who is more likely to take certain actions and then delivers the ads to those people.

How corecubed Can Help

Setting up a Facebook pixel on your website is simple, but can be confusing if you don’t spend a lot of time in the back end of your website. corecubed’s web and social media experts are happy to help you set up a Facebook pixel so you can start tracking and optimizing your ads today. We can also assist with setting up a Facebook Business Manager account, posting and running ads, and much more.

Contact us today at 1.844.corecubed to learn how we can help you sprinkle a little magic pixel dust on your Facebook marketing.