The Unexpected Key to Effective Home Care Leadership: Cognitive Humility

The Unexpected Key to Effective Home Care Leadership: Cognitive Humility

The Unexpected Key to Effective Home Care Leadership: Cognitive Humility

We live in a time of celebrating self-importance. Social media is bursting with filtered selfies and stories of successes that drive digital pats on the back. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self-confidence, we may be losing sight of something that’s even healthier for us, especially in home care leadership: humility.

Cognitive humility is, in fact, a crucial component of strong leaders. There may be a tendency to equate humility with weakness, but it actually requires great strength.

“Humility is about minimizing the self and maximizing the bigger purpose you represent. When you think about humility in that way, it becomes a vital competency in leadership because it takes the focus from the “I” to “We.” Leaders with humility engage us and give us a sense of identity and purpose,” explains Angela Sebaly, co-founder and CEO of Personify Leadership and author of “The Courageous Leader.”

A leader who displays humility is one who can:

  • Admit mistakes
  • View others’ mistakes as an educational opportunity rather than a catastrophe
  • Focus on the big picture and strengths of team members rather than self

How to Lead a Home Care Company with Humility

Incorporating a more humble attitude into your home care leadership role begins with an assessment by those you lead. It’s important to develop a baseline by asking for honest feedback through tough questions such as:

  • Do I allow others to share their ideas before sharing my own?
  • Do you feel as though I’m truly listening to you?
  • Do I seem to think that I have all of the answers?
  • What do you perceive to be my strengths and weaknesses?

With this information in hand, you can begin to adopt a more humble approach that empowers your team members. One easy way to begin is by making a conscious effort to allow others to present their ideas or solutions before speaking up with your own. This simple action makes it clear that you acknowledge you don’t know everything, and that the input of others is valuable.

The Benefits Gained Through Leading Home Care Agencies with Humility

Several studies point to benefits such as higher job satisfaction, greater work engagement, enhanced collaboration and information sharing, and a more honest and constructive workplace as a result of a leader’s intellectual humility. As if that weren’t incentive enough, higher overall profits were also achieved.

Adding a slice of humble pie to your daily diet may be just what you need to help your team grow, and to foster the sense of loyalty and team spirit your agency needs to succeed.

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