Dangers of a Do-It-Yourself Society

Everything nowadays seems catered to a do-it-yourself mentality. My husband has taken this line of thought to heart. He’s used fix-it books and the Internet to lay our kitchen tile flooring, pave a sidewalk, fix our plumbing issues and re-shingle our porch roof. These forays into home repair have generally landed him with bloody knuckles, boxes of new tools that are only used once and even singed hair (that was his first…and last attempt at electrical work). But do-it-yourself isn’t just about home repair anymore. There’s do-it-yourself PR, do-it yourself marketing, even do-it-yourself website design.

When it comes to your business, can you really afford to risk the singe or the scrapes with a do-it-yourself campaign or design? Everyone goes into a do-it-yourself project with the intention of saving money. Oftentimes what you end up with is a patchwork campaign or design that doesn’t bring the hoped for results and can’t compete with a competitor’s professional materials. If I had a dollar for the number of times I hear people say they’ve sunk staff time and efforts into an in-house design campaign or design that didn’t stack up to their expectations, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have to worry about being able to afford a professional to fix my husband’s repairs.

Why waste your time and risk your business’s success when you can have your marketing, PR, website design and Internet marketing done by a professional the first time? A professional has the expertise that can make your material shine, rather than look cobbled together. With competition so fierce in today’s society, no matter what industry you are in, there’s no room for messing around. Make a pact today to leave the do-it-yourself at home with the sink repair you’ve been meaning to get around to for two years and let the professionals assist with all your business Internet marketing, PR and website design needs.

At corecubed, we specialize in fixing leaky Internet marketing plans and hopelessly tattered website designs. Contact us today and tell us about your business.