Creating a Data-Driven Marketing Strategies for Home Care

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Today it’s nearly impossible to do anything without first considering the data behind your decision. Take race car drivers, for example. Two big races – the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix – were held last month, and if you watched, you probably noticed a ton of data, both on your screen and being discussed by commentators. From brake pressure to suspension balance, race car drivers rely on data in order to get faster and ultimately win. And the same can be said in almost any line of work, be it racing, sales, medicine, and yes, even marketing home health care.

Simply put, we live in a data-driven society because we’ve learned that information helps us improve. Today, effective marketing relies heavily on data that allows companies to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to innovate, increase profitability, and improve client experience. So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s start our engines and learn how your home care agency can become data-driven to create home health marketing ideas to better drive your services.

Third Party Client and Caregiver Satisfaction Data

When it comes to marketing, happy clients are your greatest asset, and happy employees come in at a very close second. Client satisfaction is a vital piece of data for several reasons:

  • It’s a leading indicator of customer loyalty
  • It’s an indisputable point of differentiation
  • It increases positive word of mouth about your agency

But do you truly know how satisfied your clients and caregivers are? Sure, some clients and employees probably tell you when things are going well, and some may even feel comfortable speaking up about complaints they have, but if you want honest, unbiased data from both your customers and your staff, using a third party satisfaction management company, like Home Care Pulse, can help. Firms like Home Care Pulse allow your agency to poll clients and staff members about your services, caregivers, policies, and more so you can determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie and what steps you need to take in order to improve. Using a third party firm also:

  • Saves your agency time
  • Instills confidence that no inherent bias will be present in the data
  • Provides industry-specific benchmark data to give you a basis upon which to understand the results

Independent Online Reviews

Similar to data generated from third party client and caregiver satisfaction surveys, data from independent online reviews is important in helping agencies develop strategies for improvement. Data from Google, Facebook, and other review sites allows you to gauge client satisfaction, track positive and negative word of mouth marketing, and engage with customers to help improve their experiences. Not sure how to encourage clients to leave online reviews? Check out our RISE Reputation Management service and find out how we can help you generate valuable customer feedback.

Other Important Data

Beyond customer reviews and satisfaction, there are a number of important data sets that agencies should be measuring, including:

  • Sales revenue: Sales are vital to agency growth, whether you’re an established home care agency or a home health startup, and understanding how well your employees are selling your services can help improve your stats. corecubed’s Home Care Sales & Operations Coach, Shelle Womble, has a broad range of experience in helping agencies analyze their home care sales data to achieve positive sales growth.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization, or SEO, should be a vital part of every home care agency’s digital marketing strategy, and it’s a process that requires careful and regular data analysis. At corecubed, our home care SEO experts implement and analyze SEO strategies to ensure that they are producing the best results possible for our clients.
  • Agency Growth Data: Beyond sales and marketing data, using an industry-specific software program can help you set up meaningful reports that will allow you to measure and analyze other important data that will help you grow your home care business, including:
    • Trends in referral sources
    • Caregiver turnover rates
    • Profits and losses
    • And more

When it comes to running a successful home care agency, there’s a lot of important information to consider. As always, your branding and marketing strategies for home care are vital because they speak to why your agency exists and the difference it hopes to make in the world, but data is proof that your brand actually makes that difference. The home health care marketing experts at corecubed can help you learn how to get clients for your home health care business, but also measure key marketing and SEO data that will ensure your marketing efforts remain effective. So whether you’re a home health start up, or a home health veteran, we can help you put together winning home care marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn more.