corecubed is Copyblogger Certified!

2015 Certified Content Marketing Copyblogger

corecubed is Copyblogger Certified!

A big “Congratulations!” goes out to our Executive and Creative Support Specialist, Jennifer Logullo, for becoming a Certified Content Marketer via the Copyblogger certification program.

Throughout her career with corecubed, Jennifer has provided administrative, creative, and HR (as well as moral) support to the corecubed team. As an executive support specialist, Jennifer has provided corecubed with amazing document editing and proofing, research, and transcription services, as well as serving as the company cheerleader.

However, as part of her dedication to corecubed and our clients, Jennifer decided to step up and take on some new challenges recently, including blog writing. Presented with the opportunity to participate in the Copyblogger training programs, Jennifer was a bit intimidated, yet confident that the program could teach her a lot about writing and marketing, and that it would serve as a way for her to help corecubed improve its marketing services.

We are very proud of Jennifer for this achievement, and we feel that it is a testament to our team that each and every member continues to strive to reach beyond his or her job description and go the extra mile for our clients.

What is a Certified Content Marketer?

Glad you asked! Copyblogger Certified Content Marketers are writers and marketers who have earned their titles by completing advanced writing and marketing coursework as well as passing a detailed review of their work.

This coursework includes in-depth workshops on Internet marketing, email marketing, copywriting, SEO, content marketing, keyword research, social media marketing and more. These workshops follow proven and constantly updated marketing guidelines and methods that provide users with the tools necessary to create compelling, creative, and useful marketing content that gets results in today’s marketing world.

We are thrilled to have a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer on our team! Please join us in congratulating Jennifer on this great achievement.

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