Buyer’s Remorse: The High Cost of a Cheap Website

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Buyer’s Remorse: The High Cost of a Cheap Website

Are you bargain hunting for a new website? Buyer beware! Shopping for a good website designer and developer should be like a marathoner shopping for the perfect running shoe. A marathoner doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to her shoes, because she realizes the importance those shoes will have in helping her go the distance. (corecubed’s fearless marathon-running Managing Director, Anna Kitson could attest to that!) A marathon runner does her research and soaks in the advice of the in-store shoe experts on what size and style will be most suitable for her body. She does this because she knows that the wrong shoe could mean an aching knee, excruciating heel pain, or worse yet, a torn tendon that could take her out of the race entirely.

Not convinced that a website will be the cornerstone of winning your marketing race? Think of it this way: According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online. That means your website stands a good chance of being a prospect’s “first impression.” And when the competition is stiff, you know how important that first impression is! Why take a chance on a website design that is hard to navigate, doesn’t create a fantastic impression within seconds, or could be vulnerable to security risks at a time when website hacking has risen by 81 percent? What many site owners don’t realize is that if your site gets hacked, Google can (and will) blacklist your website, essentially taking you out of the race for new prospects online.

So how do you shop for a top quality website designer and developer? 

  1. Take a look at their portfolio. What kinds of sites have they designed? Are they easy to get around?  Clean and not too busy? Are they attention-grabbing? Is the text relevant and clear, and does it contain prominent calls to action?
  2. Take a look at company reviews, their customer testimonials and their social media accounts. Does it look like they are wowing their customer base? Dig a little deeper and talk to the website design company’s clients. Was the company easy to work with? Has their site had any issues? How did the developer work to solve any problems?
  3. Take note of their customer service. Are they quick to respond to your questions? Do they seem willing and able to help with clear turnaround times noted?
  4. Ask about search engine friendliness. Will your site design be built with SEO best practices?
  5. Ask about mobile ability. 69% of U.S. users access the mobile Internet daily and it’s important that your site looks great across all platforms.
  6. Ask about website upgrades and security. Will the company inform you when a security update or website upgrade is available and then assist you with that website maintenance to protect your site from vulnerabilities to hacking?
  7. Ask if the website design is easily expandable so it can grow with your business. Are you able to add content, images, and pages yourself?

Like a quality pair of running shoes, your website is a good investment that will help you go the distance. People are often more than willing to pay a large sum of money for an advertisement, and your website is your biggest advertisement! Have it done right the first time and avoid the cost of having it redone later when you realize you’ve purchased a website equivalent of off-brand, clearance shoes that only cause you pain. Pay once for high quality and get where you need to go with your marketing quickly; or, pay several times for low quality and never get ahead. You decide!

corecubed’s website design team is well known for high quality website design and development that gets your business to the finish line for a fantastic return on your investment. Give us a call and try the above 7 steps for quality on us! We’d love the chance to exceed your expectations in website design and maintenance.