Want to Bring in Additional Private Duty Business? Do This!

Want to Bring in Additional Private Duty Business? Do This!

Want to Bring in Additional Private Duty Business? Do This!

In today’s highly competitive home care market, running a profitable home care agency requires multiple lines of business and revenue streams. Many successful home care company owners have found that they can achieve this by accepting long term care insurance (LTCI) and VA benefits. These two revenue streams come with more cost flexibility than other contractual streams of revenue. With increased flexibility, an organization can be more competitive in the labor market. And, building new private duty business streams can open up new doors of profitability.

By accepting long term care insurance and VA benefits, your care company can open itself up to several new groups of potential clientele — individuals that probably would not consider paying for your services out of their own pockets. If you don’t accept these payment options, it’s business lost. You’re also opening up to revenue streams that offer some of the highest billable rates per hour!

If you’ve been trying to build these revenue streams for your home care company, but find yourself hitting a wall, fear not. There are several ways to find and connect with these types of clients. For long-term care insurance clients, look into joining provider networks and networking with insurance carriers to gain direct referrals. You can also liaise with your local office of veterans’ affairs to ensure that they are aware of your services and can refer clients to you. Beyond meeting with these entities, advertising that your services are available to LTCI and VA clients is key to connecting directly with clients as well. Make sure your website and marketing materials clearly state that you accept these types of payments and can work with clients in order to ensure they get the benefits to which they are entitled.

Get the Training You Need to Enter into the LTC and VA Markets

At corecubed, we uniquely understand the needs of today’s care companies. As a trusted source of home care marketing and training services with decades of experience in the industry, we can help your agency get the training and education needed to develop your private pay business, accept long-term care insurance, and explore avenues for VA benefits payments and help your clients through the process.

Our Targeting LTCI and VA training provides actionable sales strategies and tools from our home care sales consultant with more than 15 years of sales training experience and a proven track record of organic growth in the home care industry. You’ll also receive interactive coaching and training without ever leaving your office!

This online training course covers:

  • What long term care insurance is
  • How it differs from other insurances
  • Business-to-consumer sales strategies
  • Business-to-business sales strategies
  • Successful operations and how that improves the sales process
  • The Veteran’s Administration
  • Three different approaches to serving our military veterans
  • Sales strategy around veteran sales efforts

Are you ready to say “yes” to new lines of business? This 2-hour course can help your team get prepared to confidently accept both LTC and VA benefits. Purchase the Targeting LTCI and VA training session and get an unparalleled level of insight for your care company. This training pairs well with Inquiry Management training, which provides a foundation for the consultative sales process and designed to help anyone who answers the phone improve their conversion rate. Still have questions about what this training can do for your company growth? Contact us today to let us share more marketing strategies for home care agencies that bring results!