A New Year. A New Home Care Marketing Strategy.

New Year’s is right around the corner– it’s almost time to turn over the calendar and begin another year of hope and promise. Whether the previous year was a successful or a difficult one, you can choose to begin this one with a clean slate. Think fresh and be open to looking at marketing from a different perspective.

Tips on How to Market Home Health Care Services in the New Year

TIP #1: Write down what your product or service does for the customer.
To successfully market a new or existing product, you have to identify its selling points. Entrepreneurs cringe when their product or service is not what consumers want to purchase at the price they can afford to sell it. So, avoid unpleasant cringing, and pay close attention to what consumers want and what they are willing to pay.

TIP #2: Make room in your budget for a modest home care marketing plan.
Money is always tight. Nevertheless, the astute entrepreneur will always set aside some cash for investment into a sound marketing strategy.

TIP #3: Hit them with everything you’ve got.
It may surprise you, but marketing is most important at the beginning of a company’s lifespan. Employ a multi-pronged strategy to introduce the business and show them what you’ve got. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch a website. In today’s high-tech world, you have to have a website and it can make or break your business. Get assistance and advice from marketing experts!
  • Offer free advice. This is a brilliant way of getting your name out in public. Help your customers understand what problem you are solving. Communicate through email, direct mail, social media or speaking opportunities.
  • Become a media hound. The first stage of any new campaign ought to be public relations. Get assistance with attaining media coverage. Look for who is writing about business or your industry.
  • Build up a library of literature. Don’t forget the importance of tried-and-true methods. Brochures, product sheets, direct mailings – all of these can be used to introduce your business to the consumer. Your design should match your message and be appealing to your target audience.

TIP #4: Learn the art of networking.
Success becomes contingent on who you know. That’s why it pays to join a trade association. And don’t forget to keep track of leads, inquiries and everyone you meet so you are growing a list of potential customers and referrals each and every day.

TIP #5: Measure what is successful.
Doing things in the old way and expecting different results is insanity. Pay close attention to what is working and what that costs. Do more of what works that is affordable and the most profitable.

Wondering how to market your home health care services better this year? Ready to start fresh with a new marketing strategy? Contact the home care marketing experts at corecubed. Shorten the learning curve with our strategic, integrated marketing that brings exponential results. Happy Holidays!