Top 5 Blogs & Webcasts Home Care Insiders Fell for in 2017

home care blogs and webcasts

home care blogs and webcasts

As industry insiders know, marketing home care is different from selling other services. As great as your passion is for providing home care and enhancing others’ lives, there’s no denying the challenges home care marketing and sales can present. As Shakespeare put it, “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

In the past year, we introduced some home care marketing blogs and webcasts that providers really fell for, and we wanted to share those again. The following are our most popular blogs and webcasts of the past 12 months. The information you’ll find in each will give you the tools you need to tackle your biggest home care sales and marketing challenges of 2018. Enjoy!

corecubed’s Top 5 Blogs

  1. Conquer Your Greatest Home Care Sales Challenges: No matter how skilled a salesperson you are, home care is a highly competitive business. In this article, our award-winning home care sales coach provides tips on how to overcome the home care sales challenges that agencies face today.
  2. Throw Family Caregivers a Lifeline: Use Life Hacks to Market Home Care: How can you market better by throwing family caregivers a lifeline? Learn how to create marketing messages that help overwhelmed caregivers find balance while attracting them to your agency.
  3. Brownies and Tchotchkes: How Not to Nurture a New Referral Relationship: There’s a right way and wrong way to nurture referral partner relationships. Are you staying top of mind the right way with your referral sources or wasting their time?
  4. Buzzwords That Frighten Your Facebook Reach: Are your Facebook posts scaring away potential clients? Our social media and content marketing experts show you how to bust your social media ghosts.
  5. Build a Bounty of Good Reviews for your Home Care Agency: Home care reputation management is crucial for all agencies today. Find out why online reviews are so important and how corecubed can help you get more stars.

corecubed’s Top 5 Webcasts

  1. David vs. Goliath: Independent Home Care Agencies Can Compete: Our home care marketing experts reveal how to create a brand identity and marketing strategy that will help your agency slay the franchise giants.
  2. How to Sell Value over Price in Home Care: Learn how to sell your agency’s value – safety, independence, engagement, etc. – over the cost of your services.
  3. Soup to Nuts on Getting Home Care Leads: Fill up on the soup-to-nuts process of generating quality home care leads for your agency.
  4. Why Brand Matters When Recruiting Caregivers: Post and Pray? Or Communicate and Connect?: Discover a caregiver’s perspective on working in senior care and learn how to scale recruitment to meet your hiring needs.
  5. Improve Marketing & Increase ROI as a Financial Advocacy Champion: Learn how to differentiate your agency from the competition by helping prospective clients navigate their payment options.

We hope you find these articles and webcasts helpful as you create your 2018 marketing strategies. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what content you’d most like to see from us in the coming months. Please feel free to comment below with your ideas or problems you’d like help solving in your home care business.

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