The Advantages of Working With A Google Partner

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As the owner or manager of a home care agency, your days are probably filled with paperwork, fulfilling staffing needs, and most importantly, providing top-notch care for clients and their families. The last thing you want to think about at the end of the day is search engine optimization (SEO), payperclick advertising (PPC), or senior care website updates and analytics. While you are aware of the importance of having a home health care marketing strategy for both the short- and long-term health of your agency, those tasks pale in comparison to the urgency of helping clients age in place. And let’s face it, your expertise is probably in client care, not in Google analytics.  

This is not an uncommon situation for home care agencies. Staff members are focused on fulfilling the mission of the organization, and that typically means that there is either no one able to focus his/her attention on full-time marketing, or there is a staff member who devotes part of his/her time to marketing efforts, on top of myriads of other, competing priorities. The drawback to either of these approaches is that with constant shifts in what search engines are looking for, it requires expertise to not only implement an effective SEO strategy, but ongoing maintenance and training to stay on the cutting edge. The good news? Understanding that the intricacies and never-ending shifts in effective SEO strategies is best left to the experts; and as a certified Google Partner, we have: 

  • Demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise, 
  • Met Google Ad spend requirements, 
  • Delivered company agency and client revenue growth, and 
  • Sustained and grown our client base. 

With our finger always on the pulse of the latest trends in SEO, and with the additional benefit of our home care industry expertise, our clients reap the rewards of enhanced visibility of those in need of their services. 

According to Stacie Gillespiecorecubed’s SEO Manager, “Having a home health care marketing agency on your side that understands SEO and PPC is critical in reaching your target audience of potential clients, and in helping your home care agency stay ahead of the competition. It’s not just about being able to implement digital strategies, however; it’s also about having a partner who stays on top of trends in the home care industry and integrates that knowledge into your digital strategy.” 

So, where should you begin? Naturally, every home care agency, regardless of size, needs a professional, user-friendly website that provides relevant, helpful information for those seeking a care solution. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As Gillespie explains, “Having a beautiful website is only half the battle in being found by potential clients. In addition, sites need to be built from the ground up with themes that Google and other search engines value, and you need to produce content that is optimized with an SEO strategy.” 

corecubed brings that comprehensive expertise to the table. When designing senior care websites for clients, we ensure that sites are built for a pleasant user experience – taking into consideration the needs of your target audienceways to keep them engaged on your site and recommending a high-quality and reliable hosting service. Beyond the technical knowledge required to build an effective site, however, corecubed’s team of experts strategically writes website copy that utilizes keywords and meta data to increase the potential for clients’ sites to rank high in search, ultimately increasing the chance to be found by potential clients and referral sources. 

Once this foundational work is completethere’s much more yet to be done to achieve the bottom line results agency owners expect: more clients and exceptional caregivers, and greater ROI. This requires ongoing maintenance such as SEO and PPC, blogging, backlink strategy, AB testing, heat maps and schemas, to name a few. As Gillespie says, “There are a lot of moving parts in the back of a website that contribute to its overall effectiveness. Partnering with a recognized and certified Google Partner like corecubed frees up home care agency staff to focus on their expertise – caring for clients, while we can put our expertise to work to help reach more clients who need their services.” 

Partner with a trusted and certified Google Partner who knows the industry, and get the best of both worlds – home health care marketing experts with a deep understanding of the latest digital strategies that increase search rank, conversions and a home care agency’s outreach. Contact corecubed today and let us help take your agency to the next level!