Discover Your Home Care Sales Personality To Improve Your Ability To Drive Results.

Home Care Sales ProfileA huge part of successfully marketing home care lies in creating a successful sales team. Every salesperson has a unique personality, and different personalities mean different sales styles. Understanding your individual homecare sales style can improve your interactions with potential clients and boost your sales stats, and corecubed’s home care sales coach, Shelle Womble, can help! With our Everything DiSC® Home Care Sales Profile & Coaching sessions, Shelle uses the Everything DiSC® model to guide home care salespeople to understand their unique sales profiles, learn how they can better interact with clients in the field, and create customer-centric interactions that deliver improved elder care marketing and sales results. As a certified Everything DiSC® trainer, Shelle can help your sales team:
  • Discover their own sales style: recognize the priorities, personal strengths, and challenges that shape their sales interactions with others
  • Explore the styles of others: understand the differences and similarities between your homecare sales style and others’ buying styles, learn to recognize the behaviors unique to each style, and identify new ways to find common ground with all types of customers
  • Create a plan of action to get more out of the sales process: deliver better bottom line results
In our Everything DiSC® Home Care Sales Profile and Coaching session, you’ll receive:
  • 23-page Everything DiSC®  Sales Profile
  • 30-minute coaching session with Home Care Sales Coach, Shelle Womble
  • Access to for ongoing Customer Mapping and tools
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