Shelle Womble Sales Champion

Personal Motto: Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Specialties: Boundless enthusiasm, critical eye towards home care operational solutions, and happy to share her sales and customer service mastery.

Dynamic, energetic, and passionate about driving sales, Shelle possesses an incredibly in-depth understanding of the home care industry, from top to bottom, and all the little nuances in between. With over 25 years of multi-state experience in the aging care arena, Shelle has worked her way through a variety of sales management positions, from District Regional Manager of a single unit agency, to Director of Operations/General Manager for 50 branch locations in 11 states for a large home care franchise, and most notably, as National Sales Director.

Award-winning for her success in divisional leadership, Shelle’s broad range of experience in achieving positive growth in a variety of settings, combined with her knowledge of all the components of home care and how they work together, provides an unparalleled level of insight for the home care clients she serves. She is excited to partner with corecubed to help home care agencies across the country bolster their sales teams and get the results they want.

Shelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Human Resource Management from Southeast Missouri State University.