Sharla Seidel

Personal motto: Be a curious, life-long learner and ask lots of questions, but know when to listen and observe.

Specialties: Writing compelling and succinct content to help tell your brand’s story; maintaining a calm demeanor under pressure; providing excellent customer service; meeting deadlines.

Sharla Seidel serves as content architect and senior project manager for corecubed. She writes content for blogs, websites, presentations and just about everything in between. Sharla works hard to craft clear, concise messages that are tailored to the personality of your brand. Working behind the scenes, Sharla also helps oversee various projects to make sure they are delivered on budget and on time.

As a long-time non-profit professional, Sharla has worked for several regional and national health organizations, including an adult day care. She understands the power of telling a compelling story and the importance of knowing your audience. She has seen firsthand the important role home care agencies and hospice play in communities and has deep respect for family caregivers.

Sharla Seidel - Linked InSharla serves as a judge for the National Mature Media Awards, the nation’s largest awards program recognizing the best marketing, communications, educational materials, and programs for adults age 50 and older.

Sharla holds both a masters and bachelors degree in English and has worked extensively throughout her career to build relationships and listen to the needs of clients. A California native, she and her family have called North Carolina home since 2011.