Services Flyer for Responsive Home Care


Responsive Home Care’s new flyer clearly showcases the services they offer and why they’re the best choice for families seeking an in-home care solution.

Innovative Senior Services Flyer

Innovative Senior Solutions Flyer

The unique expertise and offerings of Innovative Senior Solutions truly are transforming the senior living experience. We created this beautiful new flyer to share their story, which also was honored with a Silver National Mature Media Award and a Bronze Aster Award.

Family Partners Home Rack Card

Family Partners Home offers a unique, family-like home environment for seniors with dementia, and was honored to receive a bronze National Mature Media Award for their recently created rack card.

Compassionate Care Home Health Services Brochure

Compassionate Care Home Health Services - Award Winning Brochure

Compassionate Care Home Health Service’s expertise now shines through in this bright, fresh new brochure that highlights their core values: compassion, integrity and professionalism. Their brochure also earned two coveted awards: a gold Aster Award, and a merit National Mature Media Award.

Compassionate Care Home Health Services – New Logo and Stationery

Compassionate Care Home Health Services in Michigan needed a total revamping of their agency’s brand, logo, website, brochure, and business cards, and were delighted with the results: a brighter, fresher look and feel that showcases their core values: compassion, integrity and professionalism. They were also honored with silver National Mature Media Awards for both their website and logo/letterhead.

New Branding for Effraim Home Care

Effraim Home Care - Award Winning Logo and Stationery

Effraim Home Care partnered with corecubed for a new brand, image and messaging to reflect the creativity and deep meaning behind their name (a Hebrew term for “fruitful”). Their new logo, in addition to a new website and other marketing materials created for them, perfectly project the life-affirming care they provide—and, were honored with a Gold Aster Award and bronze … Read More

Infographic for CareWorks Health Services

CareWorks Health Services - Award Winning Infographic

To help educate CareWorks Health Services’ target audience on the red flags that could indicate a need for care, corecubed created this eye-catching and informative infographic, which has also received two coveted industry awards: a silver National Mature Media Award, and a gold Aster Award.

Stay Home Care Brochure, Branding and Blogging

Stay Home Care, brochure, branding, blogging

Locally- and women-owned home care agency, Stay Home Care, meets a broad range of care needs for people of all ages: newborns through older adults. corecubed was pleased to update their branding and brochure to better reflect their expertise and strengths.

Continuum – Rack Card

Continuum Managing Care Needs rack card

Continuum’s bright design and helpful information make this rack card appealing for both those in need of a care solution and referral sources alike. It also caught the idea of the Aster Awards, winning a gold 2019 award.

Responsive Home Care – Facebook Ad

Facebook Advertisement for Responsive Home Care

Responsive Home Care knows the importance of implementing a variety of digital marketing techniques, including this 2019 Aster Awards Gold-winning Facebook ad, designed by the home care marketing and sales professionals at  corecubed.

Harmony Home Care’s New Logo, Brochure and Website

Harmony Home Care_corecubed branding

Harmony Home Care in Pennsylvania came to the experts at corecubed for their logo refresh, brand articulation, new brochure, and an on-brand new website to showcase their extraordinary suite of in-home care services and solutions to consumers, referral sources and other partners.

Logo and Website for Briggs Home Care

Briggs Home Care - New Logo and Award-Winning Website

With Briggs Healthcare acquiring high quality home care agencies under their Briggs Home Care brand, having a fresh, new logo and website was imperative. Now, both those seeking care and agencies seeking to become part of the Briggs family can easily find the information they need—and Briggs Healthcare received a merit National Mature Media Award in recognition of their new … Read More

Morning Glory Home Care’s Website & Brochures

home care websites

The corecubed home care marketing team added yet another Briggs Healthcare agency to our list of gorgeously designed websites with Morning Glory Home Care. Our team also designed beautiful new brochures for their agency to round out their online and print marketing strategies.

Innovative Senior Solutions’ New Website & Brochures

home care brochures

Much like your cell phone, a website needs a good update every now and then to make sure it runs well and reflects the agency’s brand. When Innovative Senior Solutions needed to revamp their website, they turned to corecubed’s home care marketing team for help. We reworked web text, redesigned the layout and navigation, and curated images for their beautiful new … Read More

A New Look for Youthful Aging Home Care

home care marketing

Looking professional is key for any brand, which is why many companies decide to refresh their brand after a few years in order to stay modern and ensure their brand personality shines through. Youthful Aging Home Care was interested in refreshing their brand messaging, refining their logo, and developing a whole new website, and turned to the award-winning home care … Read More

Aster Award-Winning Brochure for Well-Being Home Care

how to sell home health care services with a brochure

When we think about marketing today, most of us think strictly about online marketing — websites, blogs, social media, etc. But, a professionally designed brochure with excellent content and eye-catching images is an important tool in any home care agency’s marketing arsenal. When Well-Being Home Care needed to update their agency brochure, they tasked corecubed‘s marketing and design team to create … Read More

Nurturing Meaning & Purpose Rack Card for Caregivers by WholeCare

Marketing Home Care

The corecubed MOST home care marketing and design team developed a beautiful rack card to help Caregivers by WholeCare reach their potential clients about the importance of nurturing meaning and purpose in the lives of seniors. As an added bonus, their rack card won a 2018 Silver Aster Award for Excellence in Healthcare Marketing.

Aster Award-Winning CareWorks Health Services Rack Card

Home care referral marketing

Marketing to home care referral sources and potential clients is easier when you have professionally designed and written home care marketing materials. Our client, CareWorks Health Services, needed a rack card that could be placed in doctors’ offices or handed out at conferences and events that offered potential clients the information they needed to care for a loved one with … Read More

Generations Home Healthcare Sunshine Program Rack Card

home care agency marketing

The goal of marketing materials isn’t just to sell your services; sometimes the goal is to bring some sunshine into the lives of others as well. That was our focus when designing a rack card for Generations Home Healthcare’s Sunshine program, one of their specialty services for assisted living facilities. Our designers created a card that exudes sunshine and companionship while selling … Read More

Updated Brochure Design for Continuum

home health agency marketing

It’s natural for marketing materials designed years ago to feel out of date or too bulky. Such was the case for Continuum’s general home care brochure. They were seeking an updated and minimalistic design to their main brochure, and the corecubed content and design team revamped the text to make it more brief, while still conveying the agency’s core message, and … Read More

EAP Brochure for Innovative Senior Solutions

Innovative Senior Solutions brochure

Long-time clients Innovative Senior Solutions needed a brochure for their new Senior Care Network program that they hope to sell to employers throughout the entire state of Georgia. The corecubed home care marketing team created a brochure with text and design that targeted large companies and employers, enticing them to include the Senior Care Network as part of their Employee Assistance … Read More