New Award-Winning Website for Abrio Home Care

Abrio Home Care - Award Winning Website

corecubed helped Abrio Home Care create a new website that reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing and improving the human experience for customers, their loved ones, and their own team. In addition to creating their new website, corecubed continues to serve Abrio Home Care by providing search engine optimization, blogging, and website maintenance. The website received a 2022 Gold Aster … Read More

Innovative Senior Solutions Senior Living Brochure

Innovative Senior Solutions brochure

When long-time clients, Innovative Senior Solutions, needed to promote their new Senior Living Experience, they contacted our marketing team to create this brochure. In addition to emphasizing their expertise in home care, this brochure was awarded a 2021 National Mature Media Award.

JFS Care Service Line Rack Card

JFS Care Extraordinary People Rack Card

JFS Care wanted a succinct way to inform those in need of care about the many ways they can help. This rack card fit the bill nicely, and won a Silver Aster Award to boot!

Dakota Home Care | Nursing Care Brochure

Dakota Home Care Nursing Care brochure

Dakota Home Care’s exceptional nursing care services needed to be highlighted in an equally exceptional brochure. They were delighted with the end result, and achieved a Gold Aster Award for 2021 as well!

Endeavor In-Home Care Facebook Recruitment Ad

Endeavor In-Home Care recruitment ad

Endeavor In-Home Care was delighted with the eye-catching social media ads we created to add to their recruitment toolbox. One caregiver recruitment ad in particular won a much-coveted Gold Aster Award in 2021!

Dakota Home Care | Social Media

Dakota Home Care's Social Media

Dakota Home Care’s new logo, corporate ID, website, brochures, and social media banners, ads, and posts clearly convey to their targeted audience that they are the industry experts to turn to.

Dakota Home Care | Brochures

Dakota Home Care’s new logo, corporate ID, website, brochures, and social media banners, ads, and posts clearly convey to their targeted audience that they are the industry experts to turn to.

Dakota Home Care’s New Logo and Corporate ID

Dakota Home Care Logo and Sationery

Dakota Home Care’s new logo, corporate ID, website, brochures, and social media banners, ads, and posts clearly convey to their targeted audience that they are the industry experts to turn to – and, earned a Silver Aster Award and a National Mature Media Merit Award to boot!

No Place Like Home Senior Care

No Place Like Home Senior Care

No Place Like Home Senior Care requested our help with setting up their social media platforms, and then creating both a rack card and recruitment ad to reach potential clients and caregivers alike.

Continuum Care Management Flyer

Continuum Care Management

To educate consumers on the benefits of care management, a concept that’s unclear to many, we developed an informational brochure and rack card for Continuum.

Carolina Hearts Home Care

carolina hearts home care website - 2021 digital health awards bronze winner

With a refined logo and new website, Carolina Hearts Home Care better showcases their dedication to compassionate care, while allowing users to easily find the information and resources they need, as well as being awarded a 2021 bronze Digital Health Award.

Family Partners Home Flyer


Family Partners Home offers residential, single-family homes for those with dementia. Families looking for an alternative to facility living will be delighted to learn that a new location is opening soon — and we were delighted to create this gorgeous flyer to announce it!

Endeavor Training Institute Self-Mailer


In their new flyer, the Endeavor Training Institute lets local healthcare facilities know they can equip their staff with training and certification for the highest possible quality of care.

Services Flyer for Responsive Home Care


Responsive Home Care’s new flyer clearly showcases the services they offer and why they’re the best choice for families seeking an in-home care solution.

Innovative Senior Services Flyer

Innovative Senior Solutions Flyer

The unique expertise and offerings of Innovative Senior Solutions truly are transforming the senior living experience. We created this beautiful new flyer to share their story, which also was honored with a Silver National Mature Media Award and a Bronze Aster Award.

Family Partners Home Rack Card

Family Partners Home offers a unique, family-like home environment for seniors with dementia, and was honored to receive a bronze National Mature Media Award for their recently created rack card.

Compassionate Care Home Health Services Brochure

Compassionate Care Home Health Services - Award Winning Brochure

Compassionate Care Home Health Service’s expertise now shines through in this bright, fresh new brochure that highlights their core values: compassion, integrity and professionalism. Their brochure also earned two coveted awards: a gold Aster Award, and a merit National Mature Media Award.

Compassionate Care Home Health Services – New Logo and Stationery

Compassionate Care Home Health Services in Michigan needed a total revamping of their agency’s brand, logo, website, brochure, and business cards, and were delighted with the results: a brighter, fresher look and feel that showcases their core values: compassion, integrity and professionalism. They were also honored with silver National Mature Media Awards for both their website and logo/letterhead.

New Branding for Effraim Home Care

Effraim Home Care - Award Winning Logo and Stationery

Effraim Home Care partnered with corecubed for a new brand, image and messaging to reflect the creativity and deep meaning behind their name (a Hebrew term for “fruitful”). Their new logo, in addition to a new website and other marketing materials created for them, perfectly project the life-affirming care they provide—and, were honored with a Gold Aster Award and bronze … Read More

Infographic for CareWorks Health Services

CareWorks Health Services - Award Winning Infographic

To help educate CareWorks Health Services’ target audience on the red flags that could indicate a need for care, corecubed created this eye-catching and informative infographic, which has also received two coveted industry awards: a silver National Mature Media Award, and a gold Aster Award.

Stay Home Care Brochure, Branding and Blogging

Stay Home Care, brochure, branding, blogging

Locally- and women-owned home care agency, Stay Home Care, meets a broad range of care needs for people of all ages: newborns through older adults. corecubed was pleased to update their branding and brochure to better reflect their expertise and strengths.

Continuum – Rack Card

Continuum Managing Care Needs rack card

Continuum’s bright design and helpful information make this rack card appealing for both those in need of a care solution and referral sources alike. It also caught the idea of the Aster Awards, winning a gold 2019 award.

Responsive Home Care – Facebook Ad

Facebook Advertisement for Responsive Home Care

Responsive Home Care knows the importance of implementing a variety of digital marketing techniques, including this 2019 Aster Awards Gold-winning Facebook ad, designed by the home care marketing and sales professionals at  corecubed.