Nurture New Home Health Care Relationships: Campaigns to Share Your Care

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The season of love is here, and while we often use this time to show gratitude to our significant others, it’s also a good reminder that you should be showing potential clients and referral sources love as well. In our January newsletter, we discussed the importance of starting with great content that your target consumers find relevant. This month we want to explore one important way to deploy content that can show leads you care while also turning those leads into clients.

Drip email campaigns (or as we prefer to call them, nurture campaigns) automate part of your marketing and sales process in order to convert home health care leads into customers. These campaigns are a vital part of a marketing strategy because, according to Zapier, “people who read your drip emails are far more likely to click the links in them, with a 119% increase in click rate from drip emails.”

The term “drip” is often used for this type of marketing campaign because it alludes to the process of sending targeted, automated emails to leads over a period of time – a “drip” of information, if you will. At corecubed, we prefer the term “nurture campaign” to “drip campaign” as it denotes an active listening on our part. More on that in a bit. First, what exactly is a nurture campaign?

A nurture campaign consists of a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule to leads who have taken a specific action to trigger the email. For example, one email might go out as soon as someone signs up for your newsletter. Another email will be sent when a lead clicks a link in the main article of that newsletter about Alzheimer’s disease, letting the lead know more about your Alzheimer’s care services.

These emails are designed to  “listen” to what your potential clients are interested in and send them more information that might be of further interest. So that person who clicked on the article in your newsletter about Alzheimer’s disease could then be sent a digital resource on how to communicate with a loved one who has dementia, or warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. In this way, you are listening to the needs of home care agency prospects, and providing the information and answers they need versus just “dripping” any old non-researched topics/messages to customers or prospects over time.

Nurture Campaign Ideas

Showing your home care prospects some love via nurture campaigns is a great way to give them valuable information they need when they’re actively looking for it. But what exactly does that look like? Some types of nurture campaigns can include:

  • Welcome Campaigns: Welcome emails introduce new home health care leads to your company and your services. By turning your welcome emails into a nurture campaign, you can introduce these new prospects to your home care services and resources at a comfortable pace, instead of spamming them with information all at once. These emails can remind them why they took action, confirm their opt-in, and start providing them with light, educational content to build awareness and keep them interested.
  • Top of Mind Campaigns: A top of mind campaign is designed to engage with your not quite sales-ready leads at regular intervals, preventing leads from forgetting about your company and getting swooped up by your competitors. Once someone has downloaded a piece of content or filled out a form on your website, the top of mind campaign will be put into place to ensure that the prospect is engaged with consistently and hears about your services at regular intervals.
  • Education Campaigns: When people begin their search for home care services, they often need to be educated about their options. They need caregiving tips to help them provide better care. They need the aid of an expert to help them make the best decisions. As prospects move through your site and download information, your education campaign can provide them with educational information relevant to their interests, and will reinforce your agency as the expert they need when it comes to care.
  • Reengagement Campaigns: Not all prospects who enter into a nurture campaign will make it through the sales process and become a closed deal. At any given time, you will likely have a number of leads who become inactive at some point during the sales process. Reengagement campaigns target these inactive leads and try to entice them to reenter the sales process. Try sending a helpful blog post, a new tip sheet, a cool piece of interactive content, or a successful case study to nurture these leads back into your funnel.

How to Make Your Nurturing Dreams a Reality

To make your nurture campaign dreams a reality, you need marketing automation software to deliver your emails based on your unique requirements. Marketing automation software not only allows you to set up emails to send out automatically, it also allows you to track the behavior of your contacts, letting you know what links are clicked and what information they are interested in. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be! corecubed’s home care marketing experts in marketing to seniors are well versed in Infusionsoft, a powerful marketing automation software, and we can help you craft nurture campaigns that meet your agency’s unique needs. Want to learn more? Contact our team today to learn how we can help you nurture your leads and turn like into love.