With fewer opportunities to connect face-to-face because of the pandemic, it’s crucial for home care agencies to put their best digital foot forward. Be sure not to overlook a fundamental digital tool that plays a crucial role in your agency’s ability to nurture and convert prospects into clients: Email.

In fact, email remains the most effective way to reach and connect with baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials. What’s more, over 90% of consumers use email and check their inboxes an average of five times per day. Your email communications can either position your agency as a professional home care provider or cause recipients to choose the competition.

Prepare for Post-Holiday Spikes in Online Searches for Care

We know that, historically, holiday visits with older adults can uncover a need for home care. As a result, online searches for care services spike in January every year. In 2020, many people have delayed visiting elderly loves ones. As such, families may choose to visit older loved ones at least once over the holidays, and the post-holiday uptick in searches for care will continue or even increase in January 2021.


Because of pandemic concerns, families also may prefer home care over residential senior living. If your agency isn’t easily found online when families are searching, you’ll miss out on this annual opportunity to serve more individuals in your community.

Fine-Tune Your Inquiry Process Before the Post-Holiday Calls Begin


Make sure your agency’s inquiry team is rock solid at turning post-holiday inquiry calls into clients.

corecubed‘s online Inquiry Management class will help your sales team master inquiry processes like qualifying, probing, presenting, overcoming objections, and asking to schedule the home consultation.

corecubed On-Demand

corecubed On-Demand

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