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The season of love is here, and while we often use this time to show gratitude to our significant others, it’s also a good reminder that you should be showing potential clients and referral sources love as well. In our January newsletter, we discussed the importance of starting with great content that your target consumers find relevant. This month we want to explore one important way to deploy content that can show leads you care while also turning those leads into clients.

Drip email campaigns (or as we prefer to call them, nurture campaigns) automate part of your marketing and sales process in order to convert leads into customers.

These campaigns are a vital part of a marketing strategy because, according to Zapier, “people who read your drip emails are far more likely to click the links in them, with a 119% increase in click rate from drip emails.”

The term “drip” is often used for this type of marketing campaign because it alludes to the process of sending targeted, automated emails to leads over a period of time – a “drip” of information, if you will. At corecubed, we prefer the term “nurture campaign” to “drip campaign” as it denotes an active listening on our part. More on that in a bit. First, what exactly is a nurture campaign? Read on to learn more about nurture campaigns.

Meaningful Marketing: How to Get Referral Sources to Heart Your Home Care Agency

Meaningful Marketing

Love is in the air, and if you’re a home care agency looking to connect with referral sources, it’s time to stop thinking puppy love and move on to something more meaningful. corecubed’s MOST℠ program has been a matchmaker for home care agencies and referral sources since 1998, and with our industry expertise, we can help you target top referral sources and keep those who currently refer interested and referring. And our program is affordable. You will love the way our award-winning MOST℠ program helps referrals fall in love with you. Watch a recording of this past webcast to learn more!

Home Care Benchmarking Survey Starts March 1st

HCP Benchmark Study

Every year Home Care Pulse performs the largest annual study on the private duty home care industry and publishes the results in its annual Home Care Benchmarking Study. The study relies on agencies like yours to contribute by taking the survey that supplies this valuable data. Participants receive major discounts on their copy of the 2019 study. Click here to learn more about this year’s study and download the Prep Worksheet for the 2019 survey.

corecubed on the Road, Online, and On Demand

Find out where you can learn from our team of home care marketing experts!


February 19 – Warrior Customer Service Skills Workshop
Naperville, IL
Surviving and Thriving on the Front Line in Home Care

February 20 – Warrior Customer Service Skills Workshop
Peoria, IL
Surviving and Thriving on the Front Line in Home Care


February 28 – Home Care Boardroom Webinar with Home Care Pulse
How to Get More Clients and Grow Your Revenue in 2019


Visit our recorded webcasts page for access to the home care industry’s most comprehensive home care marketing, operations, and sales webinar library!

Online sales training when you want it!
corecubed offers virtual home care sales training to fit your needs. Industry sales veteran, Shelle Womble, uses her broad range of home care sales and operations experience to train you to overcome a variety of sales obstacles. Our classes also provide actionable lessons and tools that can be used immediately.

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