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For many older adults and their loved ones, the thought of hiring a home care provider is a scary, but necessary, prospect. And with the heavy competition in the marketplace, it’s vital not to do anything that might further spook potential clients. This may sound like a no brainer, but many home care agencies don’t pay enough attention to, or overlook completely, a very important marketing element that can send customers running – design.

Too often, agency owners seek quickness over quality, asking designers for turnaround times that don’t allow for thoughtful planning and execution. Others decide to take the DIY approach, handing design responsibilities to somebody they know who “dabbles in design,” in hopes of saving money. When it comes to design, these things can hurt agencies in the long term. Read on to find out why quality digital design matters to potential clients.

Help Caregivers and Clients Engage with LifeQuest Cards!

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One of the best ways to get to know another person is by asking questions about his or her life. Yet, many caregivers just aren’t sure what to ask. We’ve solved that problem with LifeQuest, a deck of cards with questions designed to evoke an engaging conversation between caregivers and clients. LifeQuest is also great for shy clients as an icebreaker with a new caregiver.

Let LifeQuest help you connect with your clients!

Is Your SEO Provider Helping or Hurting Your Home Care Agency?

In home care, we’re used to helping others, so it’s odd to think that someone you hire to help your business would hurt it. We’d love to believe all professionals are dedicated to ethical, skillful work; but unfortunately, many take advantage instead.

SEO is essential to a successful home care marketing strategy, but hiring an expert is not easy. To ensure your website’s security, you must choose an SEO provider who does work right and caters to your business needs. Use these tips from corecubed‘s SEO experts to see if your SEO provider is helping or hurting your business.


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