It may sound a little new-agey, but when it comes down to it, we’re all trying to be more Zen in both our personal and business lives. In a basic sense, Zen means achieving perfect alignment. When things are in alignment in your life, everything, from work to relationships, seems to flow and function better. In the business world, alignment creates a drastically more productive and profitable environment.

In home care, the groups most vested in growing an agency are marketing, sales, and operations. Operations staff are part of the home care sales team, since they interact with customers as receptionists, intake coordinators, billing representatives, etc. However, often these groups are disconnected from one another, and it’s vital to bring them into alignment for the agency to prosper. According to an Aberdeen Research Group study, companies with “poor sales and marketing alignment” typically see a 4% decline in revenue. Alternatively, companies where teams are aligned achieve a 20% annual growth rate. With those stakes, the time is now to think about how you can bring more Zen to your home care business.

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Is Your Website Labeled “Not Secure?”


To help users browse safely, Google has started taking steps to put a “not secure” label on websites without the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS, or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, ensures a secure connection on a website, whereas, with a standard HTTP connection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to observe the conversation between your computing device and the site.

In January of this year, Google began labeling websites that accept credit card and other sensitive information from users and that do not have HTTPS protocols as not secure. When a user lands on the page, a message is displayed to let him or her know that the page is not secure. Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the “not secure” warning in two additional situations: when users enter data, including what one might enter on a home care agency “contact us” form, on an HTTP page and on all HTTP pages visited in incognito mode.

To avoid getting this warning on your site and scaring away potential customers, contact corecubed today by clicking here! We can purchase, activate, and install an SSL certificate for you to ensure your site is secure for all users.

Chat with Our Home Care Sales Champion!


What if you could learn from a home care sales champion with a track record of more than 25 years of industry experience and receive interactive coaching and training, together with a small team of non-competing peers – without ever leaving the office?

Great news! You can! Our 6-part Champion Sales Chat Series starts September 29th, and our award-winning Sales Champion, Shelle Womble, will help you quickly put your sales training investment to work for your agency. Similar to on-the-job training and support, this series is a virtual training platform with participant interaction and accountability based on actual proven growth/results.

Click here to find out more and reserve your spot in either our September or October session today!

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