Love is in the air, and there’s nothing home care agencies love more than clients. Your very services are based around that love and the desire to help people live their best lives. But there’s another way to show your love for current and potential clients and referrals, and it just takes a little marketing ingenuity.

For way too long, marketing focused on the hard sell, i.e., “You need this service. Buy it today!” Today more companies take a softer approach to marketing, one that focuses on building strong relationships with the people they serve and assist. This new approach has given birth to what is called a “customer love campaign.”

A customer love campaign is a simple concept that can achieve great results in terms of retaining current clients and increasing leads for new ones. Customer love campaigns are automated email campaigns that help you stay in regular communication with clients and referral sources while also offering them something like helpful tips or even a discount. But, “How is this type of giving valuable?” you might ask.

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What’s Topping the Google Charts & Why Home Care Agencies Should Care


Ever wonder what the most Googled topic is? No, it’s not a celebrity or even a political scandal. It’s health information. And, with record numbers of aging baby boomers retiring and an increasing number of older adults living with multiple chronic illnesses, it makes perfect sense that scores of people are turning to the web to find out more about care options.

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Meaningful Marketing: How to Get Referral Sources to Heart Your Home Care Agency


If you’re a home care agency looking to connect with referral sources, it’s time to stop thinking puppy love and move on to something more meaningful. corecubed’s MOST program has been a matchmaker for home care agencies and referral sources since 1998, and with our industry expertise, we can help you target top referral sources and keep those who currently refer interested and referring.

You will love the way our award-winning MOST program helps referrals fall in love with you. MOST sets you apart from the competition, helps you gain new clients and referral sources and helps you find and retain top-notch caregivers. We have proof it works from agencies just like yours all across the country.

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