Achieving steady home care sales numbers or growing those numbers is often the trickiest and most stressful aspect of owning a home care company. Even top notch salespeople aren’t immune to the many challenges present in the home care industry. No matter how skilled you are or how practiced your pitch, you’re going to run into some heavy competition. Sales challengesoften follow shifts in the home care industry and require adjustments to your selling technique.

Have you or members of your home care sales team ever asked any of the following questions?

  • How do I create a strategic selling plan?
  • What new referral relationships should I develop?
  • How do I grow existing referral relationships?
  • What is the best way to sell the solutions my agency creates?
  • How do I get past the gatekeeper?
  • How do I adapt my selling style to another’s buying style?

Not knowing the answers to these questions can stifle your sales productivity and limit your overall results. But there’s great news: These challenges can be overcome with the right training and strategies. Click here to learn more.

Learn How to Sell Value Over Price in Home Care


One question all home care agencies hear from inquiries is, “How much do your services cost?” The price of home care services is the number one concern for most family caregivers. It’s also one of the hardest for agencies to answer. So, how do you keep the focus on your agency’s value – safety, choice, independence, engagement, etc. – as opposed to price?Find out in our September webcast where we’ll discuss the ever-changing home care marketing world and learn expert strategies for selling home care value over price.

Click here to reserve your spot today!

Home Care Marketing Tip: Encourage the Sandwich Generation to Add a Side Order of Social Life


So often, the home care marketing focus is placed on how home care services can help seniors, but agencies service another key audience as well – family caregivers. Family caregivers lead extremely busy lives, and obtaining the services of a home care agency can provide relief for them, as well as their senior loved ones.

Click here to find out how considering the needs of family caregivers lends home care agencies another slant in marketing their services.

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